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Nr. 200 The Software Interface Between Copyright and Competition Law — A Legal Analysis of Interoperability in Computer Programs
van Rooijen Ashwin
Kluwer, IT-rätt, Immaterialrätt, Marknadsrätt
291 sid, 2010, Pris: 1521 SEK exkl. moms   

Nr. 45 Exceptions in EU Copyright Law — In Search of a Balance Between Flexibility and Legal Certainty
Wolters Kluwer, Immaterialrätt, EU-rätt, Utländsk rätt
Inbunden, 464 sid, 2021, Pris: 1690 SEK exkl. moms   

Nr. 39 European Intermediary Liability in Copyright — A Tort-Based Analysis
Angelopoulos Christina
Kluwer, Immaterialrätt, Försäkringsrätt
Inbunden, 567 sid, 2016, Pris: 1258 SEK exkl. moms   

Nr. 34 Intellectual Property Law and Human Rights
Torremans Paul
Kluwer, Immaterialrätt, Internationell rätt
Inbunden, 1082 sid, 4 uppl, 2020, Pris: 2216 SEK exkl. moms   

Nr. 15 Controlling Access to Content — Regulating Conditional Access in Digital Broadcasting
Helberger Natali
Kluwer, Immaterialrätt, IT-rätt
Inbunden, 308 sid, 2005, Pris: 1156 SEK exkl. moms   

Nr. 13 Copyright, Limitations and the Three-Step Test — An Analysis of the Three-step Test in International and EC Copyright Law
Senftleben Martin
Kluwer, Immaterialrätt
Inbunden, 340 sid, 2004, Pris: 893 SEK exkl. moms   

Nr. 10 Data Protection Law — Approaching Its Rationale, Logic and Limits
Bygrave Lee A.
Kluwer, Offentlig rätt, IT-rätt
Inbunden, 426 sid, 2002, Pris: 1128 SEK exkl. moms   

Nr. 9 Copyright Limitations And Contracts — An Analysis of the Contractual Overridability of Limitations on Copyright
Guibault Lucie M.C.R.
Kluwer, Immaterialrätt, Förmögenhetsrätt
Inbunden, 375 sid, 2002, Pris: 1484 SEK exkl. moms   

Nr. 8 Copyright and Electronic Commerce — Legal Aspects of Electronic Copyright Management
Hugenholtz P. Bernt
Kluwer, Immaterialrätt, IT-rätt
Inbunden, 307 sid, 2000, Pris: 1954 SEK exkl. moms   

Nr. 7 Copyright and Photographs — An International Survey
Gendreau Ysolde, Nordemann Axel, Oesch Rainer
Kluwer, Immaterialrätt
Inbunden, 334 sid, 1999, Pris: 1263 SEK exkl. moms   

Nr. 4 The Future of Copyright in a Digital Environment — Proceedings of the Royal Academy Colloquium
Hugenholtz P. Bernt
Kluwer, Immaterialrätt
248 sid, 1996, Pris: 1114 SEK exkl. moms   

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