Crime, Punishment and Justice
� Selected Articles from a Scholarly Career
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Titel:Crime, Punishment and Justice � Selected Articles from a Scholarly Career
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- Preface, by Denis Szabo
- Argot Knowledge as an Indicator of Criminal Socialization. A Study of a Training School for Girls
- Variations in the Choice of Sanction and Sentencing Tariffs. Regional Differences between County Courts and Appeal Court Districts in Sweden
- Criminal Careers in Correction. A Comparative Study of Correctional Institutions in Sweden
- Victim Costs and Consequences: A Revised Look
- Reflections on the Interplay between Criminological Research and Criminal Policy
- Economic Criminality. The Swedish Case - a Story of Limited Success
- Global Trends in Corrections
- Perceptions of Criminal Justice Policy in Scandinavia
- Philosophical and Public Conceptions of Social and Legal Justice
- Levels of Punitiveness in Scandinavia: Description and Explanations
- Negative Individual Prevention
- The Paradox of Increasing Rates of Imprisonment
- Postface, by Ditlev Tamm
- Curriculum Vitae with Publications
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