Tort and Regulatory Law
Författare:van Boom Willem H. , Lukas Meinhard , Kissling Christa
Titel:Tort and Regulatory Law
Omfång:477 sid.
Typ av verk:Samlingsverk

Pris: 1849 SEK exkl. moms


This highly practical book is a systematic analysis of the interaction of administrative law and tort law.

The focus is mainly on safety regulations and provisions aimed at environmental protection. There are reports from nine countries of the European Union, as well as Norway, Switzerland and the USA.

The editors have included three special reports from the perspectives of administrative and regulatory law and of insurance.

The book also features an economic analysis.

The results are summarized in a comparative report, followed by conclusions.

Tort law interacts strongly with public regulation. Is the breach of a statutory duty in itself sufficient basis for liability? Does the fact that some acts are allowed by a permit issued by public agencies exempt them from liability altogether?

These questions and similar problems on the borderline between tort and regulatory law serve as a basis for in-depth analyses by several scholars specialized in this field.
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