Legal Issues Relating to Time Charterparties
Författare:Thomas D. Rhidian
Titel:Legal Issues Relating to Time Charterparties
Förlag:Lloyds of London Press
Ämnesord:Sjö- och transporträtt

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Table of Contents:
1. Standard Forms - the BIMCO experience by Grant Hunter
2. Construing terms in time charterparties Beginning of a new era or business as usual? by dr Baris Soyer
3. Ascertaining the charter period by Paul Herring
4. Safe ports and places by professor Howard Bennett
5. Seaworthiness and the 'Hong Kong Fir' decision by Mark Hamsher
6. Indemnities in time charters by David Foxton QC
7. Time charterparty hire: Issues relating to contractual remedies of default and off hire clauses by professor D Rhidian Thomas
8. Assignees of hire: how fare can they ignore charters' claims against owners? by professor Andrew Tettenborn
9. Time charterparties and bills of lading by emeritus professor Francis Reynolds QC
10. Clauses paramount in time charters by Yvonne Baatz
11. War, terror, piracy and frustration in a time charter context by professor Keith Michel
12. Termination rights under time charters by John D. Kimball
13. The allocation of cargo claims between owners and charterers in NYPE chaterparties by dr Theodora Nikaki
14. Containerisation, slot charters and the law by Christopher Hancock QC
15. Damages for breach of time charter: some recent developments by Andrew Taylor
16. The effectiveness of liens as a self-help remedy? by professor Richard W. Williams
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