General Principles of EC Law in a Process of Development
Författare:Bernitz Ulf , Nergelius Joakim , Cardner Cecilia
Titel:General Principles of EC Law in a Process of Development
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Serie:European Monographs nr. 62

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Table of Contents


1: Constitutional Law. 1.1. Is Direct Effect a General Principle of European Law? J. Bengoetxea. 1.2. Two Twin-Principles of EU Law: Democracy and Accountability, Consistency and Convergence; W. van Gerven. 1.3. The Principle of Legal Certainty as a General Principle of EU Law; J. Raitio. 1.4. Article 10 EC: The Most Important ‘General Principle’ of Community Law; J. T. Lang. 1.5. The Judicial Deficit in the EC: Knocking on Heaven’s Door? O. Zetterquist.

2: Private Law. 2.1. Structural Measures in EC Competition Law: A Bridge Too Far? L. Henriksson. 2.2. Are There General Principles of Community Law Affecting Private Law? X. Groussot, H.H. Lidgard. 2.3. Contribution of General Principles to EC Financial Market Integration; S. M. Seyad. 2.4. Summary: Are There Any General Principles in Private Law? D. Eklöf, L. Pehrson.

3: Administrative Law. 3.1. Transparency: A General Principle of EU Law? S. Prechal, M.E. de Leeuw. 3.2. Between Supremacy and Autonomy: Applying the Principle of Good Administration in the Member States; J. Reichel. 3.3. Summary of the Discussion; J. Reichel, M.E. de Leeuw.

4: Future Developments. 4.1. Constitutional Rights versus Supremacy of EC Law in the New Member States: Ironies in the Light of the Pre-Accession Conditionality; A. Albi. 4.2. Some Further Reflections on the Development of General Principles of Law within Article 10 EC; L.W. Gormley. 4.3. ‘Principled Citizenship’ and the Process of European Constitutionalization: From a Pie in the Sky to a Sky with Diamonds; X. Groussot. 4.4. General Principles of EU Law: The Methodological Challenge; M. Herdegen. 4.5. Application of General Principles of EC Law by Polish Courts: Is the European Court of Justice Receiving a Positive Feedback? D. Miasik. 4.6. General Principles and National Law: A Continuing Two-Way Process; J.A. Usher.

5: Summary of the Conference. 5.1. General Principles: Some Reflections on their Development in the 21st Century; J. Nergelius.

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