An Introduction to Swedish Real Property Law
Författare:Carlson Laura
Titel:An Introduction to Swedish Real Property Law
Anmärkning:Engelsk text
Omfång:258 sid.

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Based on the Swedish Land Code, Swedish Real Property Law provides an overview to help foreign students and practitioners better understand the real property system in Sweden. The book focuses on the creation, assignment and registration of real property rights, including user rights such as landlord/tenant rights.

Laura Carlson , J.D. (School of Law, Stockholm University), J.D. (School of Law, University of Minnesota), LL.M. (School of Law, Uppsala University), B.A. (Carleton College), is an associate professor at the School of Law, Örebro University, and is also active at Stockholm University. She has also authored Searching for Equality (2007) and American Business Law (2004), and has co-authored Swedish Labour and Employment Law (2008).
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