The Legal Protection of Databases
� A Comparative Analysis
Författare:Derclaye Estelle
Titel:The Legal Protection of Databases � A Comparative Analysis
Omfång:362 sid.
Förlag:Edward Elgar

Pris: 1131 SEK exkl. moms


The protection of the investment made in collecting, verifying or presenting database contents is still not harmonised internationally. Some laws over-protect database contents, whilst others under-protect them. This book examines and compares several methods available for the protection of investment in database creation – namely, intellectual property, unfair competition, contract and technological protection measures – in order to find an adequate type and level of protection.

To this effect, the author uses criteria based on a combination of the economics of information goods, the human rights to intellectual property and to information, and the public interest, proposing a model that can be adopted at international and national level.

The Legal Protection of Databases will be of interest to intellectual property lawyers, competition lawyers, as well as general commercial lawyers because of the breadth of laws reviewed. It will also appeal to practitioners, policymakers, economists and students.
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