Diplomacy in Theory and Practice
� Essays in Honour of Christer Jönsson
Författare:Aggestam Karin , Jerneck Magnus
Titel:Diplomacy in Theory and Practice � Essays in Honour of Christer Jönsson
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Ämnesord:Festskrifter , Statsvetenskap och politik , Internationell rätt

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Diplomacy contains, in theory, a multitude of meanings and is highly diverse in practice. It ranges from the conduct of foreign policy and negotiation, to diplomatic services and tacit communication. The contributors take a systematic approach to analyzing diplomacy in theory and illuminate the great variety in practice. The first part of the book utilizes several diverse analytical perspectives to raise a number of critical problems, such as change and continuity of diplomacy, various understandings and norms of peace, aid-diplomacy for better working conditions, and the impact of psychology, images and homosociality. The second part contains intriguing empirical analyses of diplomatic practices around the globe, ranging from Bougainville, Jerusalem, East Europe, Doha, China, Denmark, Russia, and the European Union to the Baltic Sea Region.

The contributors are highly distinguished scholars as well as renowned practitioners. The book is a collection of essays in honor of Professor Christer Jönsson, Lund University.

About the authors
Karin Aggestam & Magnus Jerneck
Part I: In Theory
1. Diplomacy
I. William Zartman
2. Do we need a new diplomacy in the age of globalization?
Gunnar Sjöstedt
3. Confucious' ideal of peace in the contemporary world
Zhimin Chen
4. Diplomacy and peacemaking in transition
Karin Aggestam
5. Negotiation and escalation of images
Guy Olivier Faure
6. Peace, concerts, and great power diplomacy in modern
Magnus Jerneck
7. Can international conferences be modeled? 00
Arild Underdal
8. Bridges over troubled water
Lars-Göran Stenelo
9. Norm entrepreneurship: a valuable addition totraditional diplomacy?
Annika Björkdahl
10. Diplomacy, trade, aid and global working conditions
Göte Hansson
11. Political psychology, foreign policy and conflict analysis
Catarina Kinnvall
12 Reflections on IR theory from within the black box
Per Altenberg
13. Negotiations in networks. The importance of personal relations and homosociality
Annica Kronsell
Part II: In Practice
14. The strengths and limits of academic diplomacy: The case of Bougainville
Peter Wallensteen
15. No exit from calvary: Israel’s stewardship of the church of the Holy Sepulchre
Raymond Cohen
16. Diplomatic use of history in Swedish – East European relations
Kristian Gerner
17. The WTO Doha Round and current challenges in multilateral trade negotiations
Anders Ahnlid
18. Essence of Mongol-Christian diplomacy in the 13th century
Martin Hall
19. Israel and the occupied territories. Theoretical models of regulation and political realities
Mats Bergquist
20. Summit diplomacy in the European Union
Jonas Tallberg
21. Globalization strategies: the diplomacy of the Danish cartoon crisis 2005-06
Nikolaj Petersen
22. Putin as Peter: Russia’s return to great power status
Bo Petersson
23. An introduction to international work
Staffan Tillander
24. Coercive partnership negotiations? EU-ACP diplomacy in negotiations on economic partnership agreements
Ole Elgström
25. History and future in the Baltic Sea region
Olof Ruin
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