Blackstone's Statutes on Intellectual Property
Författare:Christie Andrew , Gare Stephen
Titel:Blackstone's Statutes on Intellectual Property
Upplaga:9 uppl.
Omfång:648 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press

Pris: 216 SEK exkl. moms


- Unparalleled coverage of intellectual property law containing all the up-to-date legislation relevant to undergraduate law degrees

- Unannotated primary and secondary legislation, allowing students to take this book into examinations

- Detailed tables of content to aid quick and efficient research

- Online Resource Centre providing updates and web links to help students keep abreast of developments in this area of the law

Designed specifically for students, Blackstone's Statutes lead the market in providing a carefully selected, regularly updated, and well sourced collection of legislation for the core subjects and major options offered on the law syllabus.

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