European judicial systems
� Edition 2010 (data 2008) Efficiency and quality of justice
Titel:European judicial systems � Edition 2010 (data 2008) Efficiency and quality of justice
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Förlag:Council of Europe Publishing
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Ämnesord:Processrätt , Statsvetenskap och politik , Utländsk rätt

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The new edition of the report of the European Commission for the Efficiency of Justice (CEPEJ), which evaluates the functioning of the judicial systems of 45 Council of Europe member states, remains in line with the process carried out since 2002. It relies on a methodology, which has already proved itself, to collect and process a wide range of quantitative and qualitative judicial data. This unique study has been conceived above all as a public policy tool aimed at improving the efficiency and the quality of justice. The CEPEJ's objective is to have the knowledge in order to be able to understand, analyse and reform. This report is intended for policy makers, legal practitioners and researchers as well as for those who are interested in the functioning of justice in Europe.


Chapter 1. The evaluation process of the CEPEJ
Chapter 2. Public Expenditures: courts, prosecution system and legal aid
Chapter 3. Access to justice
Chapter 4. Users of the courts: rights and public confidence
Chapter 5. Courts
Chapter 6. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR)
Chapter 7. Judges
Chapter 8. Non-judge staff
Chapter 9. Fair trial and court activity
Chapter 10. Prosecutors
Chapter 11. Status and career of judges and prosecutors
Chapter 12. Lawyers
Chapter 13. Execution of court decisions
Chapter 14. Notaries
Chapter 15. Court interpreters
Chapter 16. Judicial Reforms
Chapter 17. Towards more efficiency and quality in the European judicial systems

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