European Distribution Law (NY TITEL)
� A Commentary
Författare:Martinek Michael , Flohr Eckhard
Titel:European Distribution Law (NY TITEL) � A Commentary
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This handbook covers the European law of distribution, as constituted by the European primary and secondary legislation, judgments of the European courts and the supreme courts of the European Member States, and common principles of European or international distribution law. National laws are covered only insofar as they illustrate the implementation of European law, or are of outstanding importance for distribution practice in Europe.The focus therefore is on supranational EU law relevant to distribution and services, constituting the acquis communautaire in the Member States. The book is divided in two parts: A. General Part: Sales Agency Agreements; General Good Faith Principles; Competition Law; Unfair Competition; Consumer Protection Law; Distribution Law and Labour Law; Electronic Distribution; Conflicts of Law; ADR; Aspects of taxation concerning Distribution and B. Distribution Agreements in Detail; Commercial Distribution Agreements; Distribution Agreements; Franchise Agreements; Financial Services; Licence and Merchandise Agreements (Appendices (Leading cases and materials)).

Dr Michael Martinek is Professor of Law at the University of Saarbrucken;
Dr Eckhard Flohr is senior partner of the law firm PFP (Prof.Flohr & Partner) and part-time Professor, specialised in the law of distribution.
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