English Legal System
Författare:Wilson Steve , Rutherford Helen , Storey Tony , Wortley Natalie
Titel:English Legal System
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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How is the English legal system structured and who takes part in it? Does the system ever get it wrong? This new textbook provides a clear and accessible guide to the workings of the English legal system. Features such as 'thinking points', 'key debates', and 'talking points' help you to engage with the key areas of debate and controversy, giving you an excellent grounding for the rest of your studies.

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1: Studying English legal system
2: English legal system: an overview
3: Legislation and the law-making process
4: The interpretation of statutes
5: The doctrine of judicial precedent
6: The law and institutions of the European Union
7: Human rights and fundamental freedoms
8: The judiciary
9: The legal profession
10: The jury
11: Access to justice
12: The criminal process: the suspect and the police
13: The criminal process: pre-trial and trial
14: Sentencing
15: The civil process
16: Criminal and civil appeals
17: Tribunals and alternative dispute resolution
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