The Supreme Court of Denmark
Författare:Christensen Jens , Erichsen John , Tamm Ditlev
Titel:The Supreme Court of Denmark
Omfång:121 sid.
Ämnesord:Utländsk rätt , Processrätt

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The Justices of the Supreme Court of Denmark recognize there is a lack of published information in English that presents the Court and its work, not least when participating in international networks and cooperation. This book gives readers a view into the heart and history of the Supreme Court of Denmark. The book offers a compelling view of one of the oldest supreme courts in Europe. Supreme Court justice Jens Peter Christensen places the Court within a constitutional setting and describes the role and daily functions of the Court. As a Professor of Law at the University of Copenhagen, Ditlev Tamm reviews Denmark's Supreme Court in a historical perspective, from the Court's birth in 1661 as a child of absolutism, to 2011 when the Court celebrated its 350th birthday. John Erichsen - a Master of Arts in history and art history - guides readers through the magnificent premises of the Court located in the heart of Copenhagen in Christiansborg, the palace that also houses the Danish Parliament and the Prime Minister's Office. [Subject: Danish Law, Legal History, Constitutional Law]
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