Copinger & Skone James on Copyright
Författare:Caddick Nicholas , Davies Gillian , Harbottle Gwilym
Titel:Copinger & Skone James on Copyright
Upplaga:17 uppl.
Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell
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A leading text in its field, Copinger & Skone James on Copyright offers thorough and comprehensive coverage of the main aspects of copyright and connected rights.

This new edition has been extensively rewritten to take account of the increasing significance of International and European law in this field. Volume 1 contains commentary and analysis with Volume 2 featuring legislation and materials.

The title takes a subject by subject approach to take you through Copyright, Rights in Performances, Rights in Designs, Moral Rights and a variety of Miscellaneous Rights.

-Presents the definitive guide on copyright in the UK
-Provides rigorous analysis of legislation and case law
-Offers analytical, high-level commentary, whilst maintaining a practice-focused edge
-Deals with rights for copyright owners, available defences and remedies
-Provides practical guidance on how to get the best out of the law of copyright, in order to protect intellectual property
-Full coverage of connected rights including rights in performances, unregistered designs, moral rights
-Reproduces key statutory materials

-Goes through all the key aspects of copyright, including requirements for copyright protection, authorship of copyright works, chain of title, duration, infringement and permitted acts

Other rights:
-Deals with rights in performance, including substantive rights, ownership and transmission of rights, consent and licensing, infringement and remedies and penalties for infringement
-Looks in detail at unregistered design rights (UK and Community) and the protection of industrial application, examining topics such as title to and dealings with design rights, the rights of the owner, infringement and remedies. (Registered design law is covered in outline)
-Examines moral rights including; the rights to claim authorship of the work, to object to derogatory treatment of a work, false attribution, privacy rights to certain photographs and films, duration of moral rights and remedies for infringement
-Covers rights in relation to technological protection measures and rights management information
-Looks at other connected rights such as publication right, database right and public lending right
-Tackles a range of other rights, including semiconductor topographies, fraudulent reception of transmissions and artist’s resale right
-Addresses exploitation and control of rights, dealing with exploitation in different industries, collecting societies, and the legal restraints which may operate to fetter the free exercise of exclusive rights

International and EU
-Contains coverage of international aspects, looking at treaties and European Union law Reflects current international and EU law on copyright and connected rights
-Analyses relevant international treaties
-Discusses the relevant EU Directives and initiatives

-Sets out the process for civil remedies, covering who may sue or take action, who may be sued, rights of seizure, defences and procedural matters
-Includes criminal remedies
-Covers seizure by customs of imported copies
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