Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Exhaustion and Parallel Imports
Författare:Calboli Irene , Lee Edward
Titel:Research Handbook on Intellectual Property Exhaustion and Parallel Imports
Omfång:559 sid.
Förlag:Edward Elgar

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From the Americas to the European Union, Asia-Pacific and Africa, countries around the world are facing increased pressure to clarify the application of intellectual property exhaustion.

This wide-ranging Research Handbook explores the questions that pose themselves as a result. Should exhaustion apply at the national, regional, or international level? Should parallel imports be considered lawful imports? Should copyright, patent, and trademark laws follow the same regime? Should countries attempt to harmonize their approaches? To what extent should living matters and self-replicating technologies be subject to the principle of exhaustion? To what extent have the rise of digital goods and the “Internet of things” redefined the concept of exhaustion in cyberspace?

The Handbook offers insights to the challenges surrounding these questions and highlights how one answer does not fit all.
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