The European Convention on Human Rights
� Jacobs, White and Ovey
Författare:Rainey Bernadette , Wicks Elizabeth , Ovey Clare
Titel:The European Convention on Human Rights � Jacobs, White and Ovey
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
Ämnesord:Internationell rätt , EU-rätt

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- The authors, two academics and a practitioner at the Court, have the combined experience to give accurate and insightful commentary on Strasbourg case law and procedure
- From the overwhelming amount of Strasbourg case law, authors have selected the most essential cases to cover, resulting in an authoritative yet concise overview
- Useful to students throughout Europe as it focuses on the European Convention, and the process and decisions of the Court, rather than the application of the Convention in any specific state
- Maps course structure by examining each Convention right in turn, making coverage easy to find and follow

Table of Contents

Part 1: Institutions and Procedures
1: Context, background, and institutions
2: Proceedings before the court
3: Supervising the enforcement of judgments
4: Interpreting the convention
5: The scope of the convention
6: Reservations and derogations
Part 2: Convention Rights
7: The right to an effective remedy
8: The right to life
9: Prohibition of ill-treatment
10: Protection from slavery and forced labour
11: Personal liberty and security
12: The right to a fair trial in civil and criminal cases
13: Aspects of the criminal process
14: Limitations common to articles 8-11
15: Protecting family life
16: Protecting private life, the home, and correspondence
17: Freedom of thought, conscience, and religion
18: Freedom of expression
19: Freedom of assembly and association
20: Protection of property
21: The right to education
22: The right to free elections
23: Freedom of movement
24: Freedom from discrimination
Part 3: Reflections
25: Results and prospects
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