Joint Ventures and Shareholders Agreements
Författare:Singleton E. Susan
Titel:Joint Ventures and Shareholders Agreements
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Förlag:Bloomsbury Professional
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Joint Ventures and Shareholder's Agreements is an authoritative guide to the law and practice in this core area of corporate law. Distinctly practical and accessible in style, the book features case studies, precedents and checklists. The expert knowledge and insight enables users to identify the central issues involved in joint venture transactions, take effective instructions and draft good documentation using the precedents provided.

Joint Ventures and Shareholder's Agreements advises on how to structure and negotiate joint ventures and shareholders' agreements for any type of private company, whether with corporate, individual or institutional investors or a combination of these. It offers practical tips, highlights the key commercial considerations and provides time-saving flowcharts and checklists which are invaluable when drafting agreements.

Designed specifically to be a working guide, this unique text delivers guidance, insight and expert knowledge ensuring that the user has the advantage in any joint venture transaction, by enabling them to:
Determine the key issues involved; Take effective instructions; Draft good documentation using the precedents provided.

The new edition includes the following updates and changes:
- Company law developments including the Small Business, Enterprise and Employment Act 2015 and its provisions and the official guidance relating to the new register of Persons of Significant Control (PSC Register);
- Latest tax rates and changes including to corporation and capital gains tax 2016/17 and changes to entrepreneurs' relief;
- EU merger law changes including the mergers simplification package and UK merger law changes.


Part A Preliminary considerations
1 Introduction
2 Matching the aims and expectations of the parties
3 The contributions of the parties to the joint venture
4 Employment and pensions issues in UK based joint ventures
5 Share incentive schemes in UK joint venture companies
6 Financing a corporate joint venture in the UK
7 Tax considerations for UK joint ventures
8 Accounting considerations for UK corporate joint venturers
9 Application of EC competition law to joint ventures
10 UK competition law applying to joint ventures
11 Other regulatory matters in the UK
12 UK limited liability partnerships
Part B Key issues in structuring and drafting UK corporate joint venture documentation and shareholders' agreements
13 Deadlock companies in English company law
14 Minority protection under English company law
15 Typical minority vetoes
16 Directors of UK companies
17 Termination and its consequences
18 Pre-termination put and call options
19 Pre-emption rights on share transfers
20 Purchase and redemption of shares by a UK company
21 Sale or initial public offering of the company
22 Share valuation provisions
23 Dispute resolution
Part C Joint ventures and shareholders' agreements in practice
24 Establishing and documenting a UK corporate joint venture
25 Due diligence, warranties and indemnities
26 Considerations relating to joint ventures and shareholders' agreements involving UK tax resident individuals
27 Special considerations for private equity funds, venture capitalists and other equity providers
28 International joint ventures
Part D Case studies and precedents
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