Författare:Baines Paul , Fill Chris , Rosengren Sara
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Förlag:Oxford University Press

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Do you want to know how a quintessentially British brand expands into the Chinese market, how organizations incorporate social media into their communication campaigns, or how a department store can channel its business online? What can you learn from these practices and how could it influence your career, whether in marketing or not?

Marketing, 4th edition, will provide the skills vital to successfully engaging with marketing across all areas of society, from dealing with sceptical consumers, moving a business online, and deciding which pricing strategy to adopt, through to the ethical implications of marketing to children, and being aware of how to use social networking sites to a business advantage.

In this edition, a broader range of integrated examples and market insights within each chapter demonstrate the relevance of theory to the practice, featuring companies such as Porsche, Facebook, and L'Oreal. The diversity of marketing on a global scale is showcased by examples that include advertising in the Middle East, Soberana marketing in Panama, and LEGO's expansion into emerging markets. Theory into practice boxes relate these examples back the theoretical frameworks, models, and concepts outlined in the chapter, giving a fully integrated overview of not just what marketing theory looks like in practice, but how it can be used to promote a company's success.

Video interviews with those in the industry offer a truly unique insight into the fascinating world of a marketing practitioner. For the fourth edition, the authors speak to a range of companies, from Withers Worldwide to Aston Martin, the City of London Police to Spotify, asking marketing professionals to talk you through how they dealt with a marketing problem facing their company.

Review and discussion questions conclude each chapter, prompting readers to examine the themes discussed in more detail and encouraging them to engage critically with the theory. Links to seminal papers throughout each chapter also present the opportunity to take learning further.

Employing their widely-praised writing style, the authors continue to encourage you to look beyond the classical marketing perspectives by contrasting these with the more modern services and societal schools of thought, while new author, Sara Rosengren, provides a fresh European perspective to the subject.

The fourth edition of the best-selling Marketing, will pique your curiosity with a fascinating, contemporary, and motivational insight into this dynamic subject.


Part 1: Principles of Marketing
1: Marketing Principles and Practice
2: Consumer Buying Behaviour
3: Marketing Research and Customer Insight
Part 2: Marketing Management and Strategy
4: The Marketing Environment
5: Marketing Strategy
6: Market Segmentation and Positioning
7: International Market Development
Part 3: Managing Marketing Programmes
8: New Proposition Development and Innovation
9: Price and Customer Value Decisions
10: Principles of Marketing Communications
11: Configuring the Marketing Communications Mix
12: Digital and Social Media Marketing
13: Branding Decisions
Part 4: Principles of Customer Management
14: Channels, Supply Chains, and Retailing
15: Services and Relationship Marketing
16: Business-to-Business Marketing
Part 5: The Social Impacts of Marketing
17: Not-For-Profit and Social Marketing
18: Marketing, Society, Sustainability, and Ethics
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