Competition Law
Författare:Lianos Ioannis , Korah Valentine , Siciliani Paolo
Titel:Competition Law
Omfång:1784 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
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This casebook, designed for a readership of graduate students, policy makers, and practitioners in competition law, aims to provide a comprehensive reference on EU and UK competition law. While the majority of the text comprises analysis supplemented with detailed commentary and analysis of judgments, NCA and Commission decisions, and legislation, the casebook also gives a high-level introduction to the design and history of EU and UK competition law, including an overview of the main actors and their objectives, furnishing students with the understanding of the law required to practise competition law. In particular, the casebook takes an interdisciplinary approach to the subject, featuring a substantial section on the economic context of competition law accessible even to those with no economics background. The book is accompanied by specialist volumes on intellectual property and enforcement and procedure.


1: Institutional actors, design and history of the EU and UK Competition Law Systems
2: The goals of EU and UK Competition Law
3: The economics of competition law: relevant market and market power
4: The personal scope of the EU and UK Competition Law
5: The elements of Article 101 TFEU/ Chapter I CA 98: Collusion
6: The elements of Article 101 TFEU/ Chapter I of the UK Competition Act: Restriction of Competition
7: Horizontal restrictions of competition
8: Abuse of dominant position: Main elements
9: Abuse of a dominant position (specific abuses)
10: Distribution Agreements
11: The oligopoly problem in competition law
12: Mergers
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