Market Definition in EU Competition Law
Författare:Ferro Miguel S.
Titel:Market Definition in EU Competition Law
Omfång:384 sid.
Förlag:Edward Elgar
Serie:New Horizons in Competition Law and Economics series
Ämnesord:Marknadsrätt , EU-rätt

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The maintenance of a fair, competitive market among member states is critical to the functioning of the EU economy. In this book, the first comprehensive, unifying view of market definition, Miguel Ferro adeptly explores the different economic-legal issues that arise in EU competition law.
Featuring an exhaustive analysis of European case law, this astute work provides a succinct and nuanced guide to market definition within a variety of markets and contexts. Insightful and timely, it explores the different economic-legal issues that arise in European case law, distinguishing economic debates from the legal issues involved. In so doing, it seeks to prevent the distortions to the legal method that can result from adopting a more piecemeal approach.
Market Definition in EU Competition Law provides a crucial introduction to the topic and will be an important resource for students and scholars of European competition law. Practitioners and judges will also benefit from the extensive analysis of case law and the practical examples.


1. Introduction
2. Brief History of Market Definition
3. Conceptual Framework of Market Definition
4. Practical Relevance of Market Definition
5. Market Definition Method in EU Competition Law: General Issues
6. Product Market
7. Geographic Market
8. Temporal Market
9. Specific Challenges of Certain Markets
10. Proof and evidence
11. Judicial review of market definition
12. Recent Economic Proposals: The End of Market Definition?
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