Forward! Bперёд! Framåt! Essays in Honour of Prof Dr Kaj Hobér
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Titel:Forward! Bперёд! Framåt! Essays in Honour of Prof Dr Kaj Hobér
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In August 2019 Professor Dr Kaj Hobér retires from his position as Professor of International Investment and Trade Law at the Faculty of Law at Uppsala University. In order to honour Kaj’s extensive commitment to academia and his successful career as a lawyer and partner of Mannheimer Swartling, a group of friends and colleagues have come together to present this collection of essays.

Contributing authors:

Maria Berg Andersson, C Mark Baker, Charles N Brower, W E Butler, Iain Cameron, Mattias Dahlberg, Joel Dahlquist Cullborg, Rudolf Dolzer, Cara Dowling, Nils Eliasson, Ulf Franke, Anna Jonsson Cornell, Neil Kaplan, Daae Kim, Herbert Küpper, Julian D M Lew, Otto Luchterhandt, Kristoffer Löf, Annette Magnusson, Katlijn Malfliet, Christoph Schreuer, Patrik Schöldström, Patricia Shaughnessy, Daniel Stattin, Eva Storskrubb, Howard S Sussman, John M Townsend, V V Veeder.


Charles N Brower and Daae Kim
Kaj Hobér and Stockholm. Ensuring that East and West Ever Shall Meet

C Mark Baker and Cara Dowling
Resolving Climate-related Disputes. The Role of International Arbitration

W E Butler
Catherine the Great, William Blackstone, and Comparative Law

Iain Cameron
Russian Constitutional Law and Judgments of the European Court of Human Rights

Mattias Dahlberg
Russian Tax Treaty Relations. The Examples of Sweden and Cyprus

Joel Dahlquist Cullborg
Challenges of Treaty-Based Arbitral Awards in Swedish Courts

Rudolf Dolzer
International Law and English Law. Res Judicata and the Henderson Doctrine

Nils Eliasson
Some Reflections on Hong Kong from an Investment Treaty Perspective

Anna Jonsson Cornell
Revisiting Old Ideas in the Quest for New Ones

Neil Kaplan
The Perfect Chair

Herbert Küpper
Economics in the Hungarian Constitution

Julian D M Lew
Determining Relevancy of Facts in International Arbitration

Otto Luchterhandt
Historical Experience and the Lessons of Armenian Statehood. Taking a Detached View

Kristoffer Löf
A Story of Corruption. A Case Study of How Bribery Affects the Validity of Performed Commercial Contracts

Ulf Franke and Annette Magnusson
The Emergence of an International Arbitral Institution for the 21st century

Katlijn Malfliet
Ruxit. A Turning of the Plot in Europe-Russia Relations

Christoph Schreuer
The Active Investor

Patrik Schöldström
Massive Evidence in Arbitration. A Case with Food for Thought

Patricia Shaughnessy
The Renaissance Arbitrator. The Multi-Tasking Model

Daniel Stattin
Some Comments on Directors’ Duties and Cross Border Activities

Eva Storskrubb
Navigating EU Law and the Law of Arbitration. From the Horizon of Commercial Arbitration in Sweden

Howard S Sussman
Kaj Hobér and Clinical Teaching

John M Townsend
The Empty Chair. Arbitration with a Non-participating Party

V V Veeder
A Swedish-British Story. The “Charente” on State Immunity

Maria Berg Andersson
Bibliography of the Writings of Kaj Hobér. 1978–2019
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