Fair Taxation and Corporate Social Responsibility
Författare:Elgaard Karina Kim Egholm , Feldthusen Rasmus Kristian , Hilling Axel , Kukkonen Matti , red.
Titel:Fair Taxation and Corporate Social Responsibility
Omfång:260 sid.
Förlag:Ex Tuto
Typ av verk:Samlingsverk
Serie:Ex tuto

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Taxation and CSR is becoming an ever-important concept among multinational enterprises (MNEs), but its meaning and its impact on corporations and societies are still uncertain. Despite the lack of common understanding of the meaning of responsible tax behaviour, the concept of ‘responsible tax behaviour among MNEs’ is materialising as one of the main pillars of CSR.

In this anthology, internationally renowned researchers and specialists grapple with and explore relevant themes within: Taxation and CSR in Perspectives, Taxation and CSR in Practice and CSR and Taxation in Regulation. This book delivers new insight and knowledge on this important and ever-developing topic.

The anthology is the keystone of an international conference on Fair Taxation and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) held at the University of Copenhagen in 2018 organised jointly by the University of Copenhagen, Lund University and Hanken School of Economics Helsinki.
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