Prospectus Regulation and Prospectus Liability
Författare:Busch Danny , Ferrarini Guido , Franx Jan Paul
Titel:Prospectus Regulation and Prospectus Liability
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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Serie:Oxford EU Financial Regulation
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This new work provides integrated analysis of and guidance on the Prospectus Regulation 2017, civil liability for a misleading prospectus, and securities litigation in a European context. The prospectus rules are one of the cornerstones of the EU Capital Markets Union and analysis of this aspect of harmonisation, the areas not covered by the rules, and the impact of Brexit, provides valuable reference for all advising and researching this field.

The first Part serves as an introduction to the volume with relevant context. Part II discusses the subjects of Prospectus Regulation from both a legal and economic perspective. Each chapter within Part II focuses on a key subject of the new Prospectus Regulation, providing an in-depth analysis of each issue.

Part III of the work explains the domestic law on liability for a misleading prospectus, this issue being omitted from the Regulation. The law and practice in each of the key capital markets centres in Europe is analysed, with the UK chapter covering the issues and possible solutions under Brexit. There is full consideration of conflicts of laws issues with reference to the Brussels I regulation, and the Rome I and II Regulations. The influence of the EU Prospectus rules on private law is also addressed.

Table of Contents

Part I General Aspects
1:Introduction, Prof. Danny Busch, Prof Guido Ferrarini and Prof. Jan Paul Franx
2:The IPO- and listing process in practice; multiple listings; developments in the IPO-market, Han Teerink
3:Stabilization and underpricing in IPOs, Prof. Stefano Lombardo
4:The Prospectus Regulation and other EU legislation - the wider context for prospectuses, Marieke Driessen
5:The U.S. Disclosure Paradigm: conventional understandings and modern divergences, Prof. Henri Hu
6:Transferable securities and the scope of the Prospectus Regulation: The Case of ICOs, Prof. Guido Ferrarini & Prof. Paolo Giudici
7:The obligation to publish a prospectus and exemptions, Prof. Kitty Lieverse
8:The contents of the prospectus: rules for financial information, Prof. Giovanni Strampelli
9:The contents of the prospectus: non-financial information and materiality, Prof. Victor de Seriere
10:"Light" disclosure regimes: SME's; problems of SME financing in the EU, Prof. Andrea Perrone
11:"Light" disclosure regimes: secondary issuances, Pim Horsten
12:Prospectus summary and risk factors, Robert ten Have
13:Prospectus formats and shelf registration, Dorothee Fischer-Appelt
14:Advertisements, Gerard Kastelein & Tom Reutelingsperger
15:Omission of information, incorporation by reference, publication and language of the prospectus, Paola Leocani
16:Competent authorities, approval of prospectus, notification and sanctions, Prof. Carmine DiNoia & Dr. Matteo Gargantini
17:Third countries (including Brexit), Simon Gleeson
18:The influence of the EU Prospectus rules on private law, Prof. Danny Busch
19:Competent Courts of Jurisdiction and Applicable Law, Dr. Matteo Gargantini
20:Germany, Prof. Sebastian Mock
21:France, Prof. Dr. Thierry Bonneau
22:Italy, Prof. Paolo Giudici
23:Spain, Javier Redonet Sánchez del Campo
24:The Netherlands, Prof. Jan Paul Franx
25:Luxembourg, Veronique Hoffeld
26:United Kingdom, Prof. Gerard McMeel
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