Governance of Financial Institutions
Författare:Busch Danny , Ferrarini Guido , van Solinge Gerard
Titel:Governance of Financial Institutions
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Serie:Oxford EU Financial Regulation
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This book examines the topical issue of governance of financial institutions, covering banks, investment firms, asset management, pension funds and insurance firms. It comprehensively analyses the impact and practice of the new and more robust requirements for management functions under MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) and other regulation such as MAR (Market Abuse Regulation).

Thematically grouped chapters provide extensive coverage of the main areas of change and interest in this field: financial regulation, models, systemic risk, culture and ethics, and conduct and culture. Each chapter employs an interdisciplinary approach, providing high-quality analysis and discussion of the governance of financial institutions of a practical, as well as theoretical, nature.

Written by a team of expert contributors, comprised of leading scholars with broad practical experience, and leading practitioners in the field of corporate governance, this book provides much needed analysis of this important topic and the new rules for those advising financial institutions.

Table of Contents

I. General
1:Governing Financial Institutions: Law and Regulation, Conduct and Culture, Danny Busch, Guido Ferrarini, Gerard Van Solinge
2:Corporate Governance of Financial Institutions: In Need of Cross-Sectoral Regulation? A comparative analysis of banks, investment firms, asset managers, and pension funds, Jens-Hinrich Binder
3:Comparative Regulation of Corporate Governance in the Insurance Sector, Arthur van den Hurk and Michele Siri
4:The Governance of Banks and the Requirement of Resolvability: a Fundamental Change in Perspective?, Bart Bierens
5:Comparative Regulation of Corporate Governance in th e Insurance Sector, Kitty Lieverse and Claartje Bulten
II. Governance Structures and Regulations
6:Non-Shareholder Voice in Bank Governance: Board Composition, Performance and Liability, Paul Davies and Klaus Hopt
7:Responsibility of Directors of Financial Institutions, Steven Schwarz (Aleaha Jones, and Jiazhen Yan)
8:Fit and Proper Requirments in EU Financial Regulation: Towards More Cross-Sectoral Harmonisation?, Iris Palm-Steyerberg and Danny Busch
9:Risk, Risk Management, and Internal Controls, Lodewijk van Setten
10:Financial Market Infrastructures: The Essential Role of Risk Management, Paolo Saguato
11:Compensation in Financial Institutions: Systemic Risk, Regulation and Proportionality, Guido Ferrarini
12:Corporate Governance, Financial Information and MAR, Carmine di Noia and Matteo Gargantini
III. Ownership Structures
13:Engagement of Institutional Investors, Cristina Ungureanu
14:State-owned Financial Institutions, Katja Langenbucher, Johannes Adolff and Christina Skinner
15:Co-operative Banks: A Dutch Experience, Gerard van Solinge and Martin van Olffen
IV. Conduct and Culture
16:Corporate Culture in the Governance of Financial Institutions: An Interdisciplinary Approach, Guido Ferrarini and Shanshan Zhu
17:Public Supervision of Behaviour and Culture at Financial Institutions, Wijnand Nuijts
18:Conduct and Culture in the Netherlands: The Dutch Banker's Oath and the Dutch Banking Disciplinary Committee, Danny Busch and Peter Laaper
19:Managing Conduct Risk: From Rules to Culture, Antonella Sciarrone Alibrandi and Claudi Frigeni
20:Conflicts of Interest: Comparing Compliance and Culture in the US and UK, Geneviève Helleringer and Christina Skinner
21:The Venetian Banks Collapse, Paulo Giudici
22:The Spanish Banking Crisis as a Corporate Governance Problem, Maribel Saez and Maria Gutierrez
23:Banco Espírito Santo: Anatomy of Banking Scandal in Portugal, José Engrácia Antunes
24:Governance Problems in Dutch Financial Institutions from 2007 to-2017, Bas de Jong
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