Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 66
� Investigation and Prosecution in Scandinavia of International Crimes
Titel:Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 66 � Investigation and Prosecution in Scandinavia of International Crimes
Omfång:480 sid.
Typ av verk:Samlingsverk
Serie:Scandinavian Studies in Law nr. 66
Ämnesord:Internationell rätt , Straffrätt , Processrätt

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- Deportations, Extraditions and the Absence of Swedish Legal Proceedings Against Perpetrators of International Crimes in the Second World War
Mats Deland

- Trials in Sweden, Participants in the Proceedings and other Actors
Mark Klamberg

- The Objectives of the International Criminal Justice System
Fanny Holm

- Jurisdiction and Immunities in Sweden When Investigating and Prosecuting International Crimes
Dennis Martinsson and Mark Klamberg

General Principles and Matters of Criminal Law

- Participation in International Crime Pursuant to Swedish and International Criminal Law – Perpetration and Accomplice Liability
Erik Svensson

- The Mens Rea Element of Intent in the Context of International Criminal Trials in Sweden
Ebba Lekvall and Dennis Martinsson

- Grounds for Excluding Criminal Responsibility for International Crimes under Domestic Swedish Law
Annika Norée and Dennis Andreev

- Concursus Delicturum concerning Swedish Prosecution of Crimes under International Criminal Law
Fredrik Björklund

- The Applicability of International Rules to the Sentencing of International Crimes in Domestic Trials: The Swedish Case
Axel Holmgren

International Crimes

- The Evolution of Swedish Legislation on International Crimes
Mark Klamberg

- Swedish Case Law on the Contextual Elements Relating to War Crimes
Mark Klamberg and Anna Andersson

- Outrage upon the Personal Dignity of the Dead in International and Swedish War Crimes Legislation and Case Law
Anna Andersson

- Sexual Violence and Gender-Based International Crimes in Swedish Case Law
Maria Sjöholm

- The Crime of Genocide Before Swedish Courts
Jonas Nilsson

Procedural Matters

- Swedish Law and Practice on Victims of International Crimes
Fanny Holm

- Structural Criminal Investigations in Sweden - Reinventing Investigations of International Crimes
Miriam Ingeson

- Evidentiary Matters in the Context of Investigating and Prosecuting International Crimes in Sweden: Admissibility, Digital Evidence and Judicial Notice
Mark Klamberg

- International Crimes and Exclusion from Asylum in a Swedish Context
Hevi Dawody Nylén

Comparative Outlook: Investigation and Prosecution in Scandinavia of International Crimes

- A Norwegian Perspective on the Prosecution of International Crimes
Sofie A. E. Høgestøl

- Investigation and Prosecution in Denmark of International Crimes
Lars Plum

- The Criminalisation and Prosecution of International Core Crimes in Finland
Mikaela Heikkilä
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