EU Tax Law – Direct Taxation 2020
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Titel:EU Tax Law – Direct Taxation 2020
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EU tax law substantially impacts the domestic tax laws of the EU Member States and the way in which those laws should be interpreted and applied. The effect of EU tax law on national legislation is becoming increasingly complex. Today, anyone working with or interested in tax law or tax planning is confronted with EU tax law issues.
The 2020 edition of EU Tax Law – Direct Taxation provides a clear picture of the EU law norms that are relevant from the perspective of direct taxes. It explains how these norms are, and should be, interpreted and how they affect national tax laws and the tax treatment in EU Member States. The book describes the legal remedies available against tax treatment that is in conflict with EU law.

The study begins with a comprehensive overview of the basic principles and concepts of EU tax law and relevant articles of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, analysing them in the light of direct tax case law. A discussion follows covering relevant EU directives and recommendations and other soft law material on direct taxes. Reference is made to all relevant judgments of the EU Court on direct taxes. The book includes a chapter on the tax treatment of the different EU entity forms and the future of corporate taxation. A separate chapter is dedicated to the EU law issues related to transfer pricing and to the EU law norms on administrative cooperation in tax matters. An extensive bibliography is included that directs the reader to further material on the topic.

The book is a handy reference tool for tax practitioners, judiciaries, tax administrations and university students alike. Its structure allows quick and easy access to essential information and facilitates a better understanding of the direct tax issues of EU tax law.
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