Shareholders' Agreements
Författare:FitzGerald Sean , Caulfield Geraldine
Titel:Shareholders' Agreements
Anmärkning:Format: Hardback, CD-ROM
Upplaga:8 uppl.
Omfång:752 sid.
Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell
Serie:Commercial Series
Ämnesord:Associationsrätt och värdepappersrätt

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Shareholders’ Agreements provides practical guidance on the nature and effect of shareholders’ agreements and articles of association. The new edition has been substantially updated to provide more practical guidance on drafting shareholders’ agreements and other related documentation through the use of detailed drafting notes. The title includes precedents, articles of association for private companies limited by shares. It also comes with a CD-ROM to make drafting quick and easy.

- Offers in-depth analysis on the key components of shareholders’ agreements and articles of association, enabling you to draft these documents with confidence

- Analyses the elements of joint ventures and property joint ventures so you are aware of the possible structures and have the tools you need to draft the relevant documents

- Provides information on taxation considerations in relation to this area

- Reflects recent changes in market practice in private equity transactions

- Covers the theory behind partnership structures

- Explains boilerplate provisions

- Offers expert commentary on option agreements and warrants with detailed drafting notes, so you can draft these types of agreements and are aware of the key issues

- Includes a CD-ROM of all precedents for easy drafting

New to the 8th edition:

- Precedents and accompanying commentary revised and updated to take account of current practice and thinking

- Updated chapters on related law and taxation

- A new chapter on directors' duties and their interaction with shareholder rights

- New precedent optional provisions for use with the main precedent documents.




Ch 1Shareholders’ agreements and articles of association – The law
Ch 2 Directors’ duties (NEW)
Ch 3 Partnership structures
Ch 4 Taxation


Ch 5 Shareholders’ Agreements – Precedent Commentary
Ch 6 Articles of Association - Precedent Commentary
Ch 7 Private Equity – Precedent Commentary
Ch 8 Private Equity Articles – Precedent Commentary
Ch 9 Joint Venture – Precedent Commentary
Ch 10 Joint Venture Articles (NEW) – Precedent Commentary
Ch 11 Joint Venture LLP Members’ Agreement – Precedent Commentary
Ch 12 Pull and Call Option Agreement– Precedent Commentary
Ch 13 Warrant instrument – Precedent Commentary
Ch 14 Optional Provisions (NEW) – Precedent Commentary
Ch 15 Boilerplate– Precedent Commentary


Precedent A Shareholders’ Agreement
Precedent B Articles of Association
Precedent C Private Equity Investment Agreement
Precedent D Private Equity Articles of Association
Precedent E Joint Venture Agreement
Precedent F Joint Venture Articles of Association
Precedent G Joint Venture LLP Members’ Agreement
Precedent H Option Agreement
Precedent I Warrant
Precedent J Optional Provisions (NEW)


Appendix 1: Companies Act 2006 v Companies Act 1985 (NEW)
Appendix 2 Model Articles for Private Companies Limited by Shares
Appendix 3 Model Articles for Public Companies
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