EU Bilateral Trade Agreements and Intellectual Property:
� For Better or Worse?
Författare:Drexl Josef , Grosse Ruse - Khan Henning , Nadde-Phlix Souheir , red.
Titel:EU Bilateral Trade Agreements and Intellectual Property: � For Better or Worse?
Omfång:303 sid.
Serie:MPI Studies on Intellectual Property and Competition Law
Ämnesord:Immaterialrätt , EU-rätt

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​This book focuses on a new generation of bilateral and regional agreements negotiated by the EU with developing countries and which include intellectual property (IP) provisions setting standards exceeding those of the TRIPS Agreement. The contributions critically analyse the IP standards found in these agreements; their potential for reforming the international IP system; the implications for the multilateral IP system and other areas of international law such as human rights; and the often neglected topic of implementing the IP obligations in these agreements.​

Table of contents (14 chapters)

Current Issues in International Intellectual Property Norm-Making
Pages 3-15
Gervais, Daniel

Intellectual Property Chapters in Free Trade Agreements: Their Significance and Systemic Implications
Pages 17-40
Roffe, Pedro

Is TRIPS a Balanced Agreement from the Perspective of Recent Free Trade Agreements?
Pages 41-57
Watal, Jayashree

Impact of TRIPS-Plus Obligations in Economic Partnership- and Free Trade Agreements on International IP Law
Pages 61-85
Aleman, Marco M.

The Impact of the Economic Partnership Agreements on WTO Law
Pages 87-108
Correa, Carlos

EU Economic Partnership Agreements and International Human Rights
Pages 109-131
Yu, Peter K.

IP Protection in EU Free Trade Agreements vis-à-vis IP Negotiations in the WTO
Pages 133-156
Nadde-Phlix, Souheir

Trade Costs and Shadow Benefits: EU Economic Partnership Agreements as Models for Progressive Development of International IP Law
Pages 159-170
Abbott, Frederick M.

Assessing the Development Promise of IP Provisions in EU Economic Partnership Agreements
Pages 171-188
Maskus, Keith E.

IP Enforcement Provisions in EU Economic Partnership Agreements
Pages 189-205
Jaeger, Thomas

Economic Partnership Agreements and EU Trade Policy: Objectives, Competences, and Implementation
Pages 209-239
Pitschas, Christian

Constitutional Functions of the EU’s Intellectual Property Treaties
Pages 241-264
Mylly, Tuomas

Intellectual Property and Implementation of Recent Bilateral Trade Agreements in the EU
Pages 265-291
Drexl, Josef

Implementation Issues Arising from Intellectual Property Chapters Contained in Trade Agreements Between the EU and Developing Countries
Pages 293-303
Seuba, Xavier
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