Principles of International Investment Law
Författare:Dolzer Rudolf , Kriebaum Ursula , Schreuer Christoph
Titel:Principles of International Investment Law
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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This book provides an ideal introduction to the fundamentals of international investment law and dispute settlement for students, scholars, and practitioners. It combines a systematic analytical study of the texts and principles underlying investment law with a jurisprudential analysis of the case law arising in international tribunals.

Provides a unique overview of the principles shaping the international law of foreign investment, as they have been defined in investment treaties and by the jurisprudence of international tribunals

Analyses the dispute settlement mechanisms at work in State-to-State and Investor-State Arbitration
Leading introductory text for students on international investment law courses, or for practitioners new to the area

New to this edition

Fully revised and updated to reflect the evolution of treaty practice, jurisprudence, and doctrinal opinion

Covers new treaties such as the CPTPP, USMCA, and CETA

Case references have been expanded and each chapter is now introduced by a short bibliography

Table of Contents

I. History, Sources, and Nature of International Investment Law

1:The history of international investment law
2:The sources of international investment law
3:The nature of international investment law

II. Interpretation and Intertemporal Application of Investment Treaties

1:The interpretation of investment treaties
2:The application of investment treaties in time

III. Investor

1:Private foreign investors
2:Nationality of individuals
3:Nationality of corporations
4:A local company as a foreign investor
5:Nationality planning
6:Denial of benefits
7:An active investor?

IV. Investment

1:Terminology and concept
2:Definitions of investment
3:A general concept of investment?
4:Types of investments
5:The unity of an investment
6:The origin of the investment
7:Investments in the host State's territory
8:Investments in accordance with host State law
9:Indirect investments

V. Investment Contracts

1:Types of investment contracts
2:Applicable law
3:Dispute settlement
4:Stabilization clauses
5:Renegotiation and adaptation

VI. Admission and Establishment

1:The right to control admission and establishment
2:The move towards economic liberalism
3:Investment promotion
4:The right to admission and the right of establishment
5:Treaty models of admission
6:Performance requirements
7:The inception of an investment

VII. Expropriation

1:The object of an expropriation
2:Expropriation as an act of government
3:Indirect expropriation
4:The legality of the expropriation

VIII. Standards of Protection

1:Fair and equitable treatment
2:Full protection and security
3:Arbitrary or discriminatory measures
4:National treatment
5:Most-favoured-nation treatment
6:The umbrella clause
7:Effective means
8:Transfer of funds

IX. Emergency Situations and Armed Conflicts

1:Competing policies
2:Effects of violence under traditional international law
3:The ILC Articles on state responsibility
4:Treaty law

X. Attribution

1:Sources and principles
2:Organs, provinces, and municipalities
3:Exercise of governmental authority
4:Instruction, direction, or control

XI. Political Risk Insurance

1:History and purpose
2:Different types of insurance
4:Risks covered

XII. Settling Investment Disputes

1:State-to-State disputes
2:The limited usefulness of domestic courts
3:Settlement of Investor-State disputes by arbitration and conciliation
4:Arbitration institutions and regimes
5:Investment disputes
6:The parties to investment disputes
7:Consent to investment arbitration
8:Conditions for the institution of proceedings
9:MFN clauses and dispute settlement
10:Treaty claims and contract claims
12:Applicable law
15:Review of awards
16:Enforcement of awards
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