Principles of International Investment Law Student Edition
Författare:Dolzer Rudolf , Kriebaum Ursula , Schreuer Christoph
Titel:Principles of International Investment Law Student Edition
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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This book provides an ideal introduction to the fundamentals of international investment law and dispute settlement for students, scholars, and practitioners. It combines a systematic analytical study of the texts and principles underlying investment law with a jurisprudential analysis of the case law arising in international tribunals.

- Provides a unique overview of the principles shaping the international law of foreign investment, as they have been defined in investment treaties and by the jurisprudence of international tribunals

- Analyses the dispute settlement mechanisms at work in State-to-State and Investor-State Arbitration

- Leading introductory text for students on international investment law courses, or for practitioners new to the area

New to this edition

- Fully revised and updated to reflect the evolution of treaty practice, jurisprudence, and doctrinal opinion

- Covers new treaties such as the CPTPP, USMCA, and CETA

- Case references have been expanded and each chapter is now introduced by a short bibliography

Table of Contents

I. History, Sources, and Nature of International Investment Law

1:The history of international investment law
2:The sources of international investment law
3:The nature of international investment law

II. Interpretation and Intertemporal Application of Investment Treaties

1:The interpretation of investment treaties
2:The application of investment treaties in time

III. Investor

1:Private foreign investors
2:Nationality of individuals
3:Nationality of corporations
4:A local company as a foreign investor
5:Nationality planning
6:Denial of benefits
7:An active investor?

IV. Investment

1:Terminology and concept
2:Definitions of investment
3:A general concept of investment?
4:Types of investments
5:The unity of an investment
6:The origin of the investment
7:Investments in the host State's territory
8:Investments in accordance with host State law
9:Indirect investments

V. Investment Contracts

1:Types of investment contracts
2:Applicable law
3:Dispute settlement
4:Stabilization clauses
5:Renegotiation and adaptation

VI. Admission and Establishment

1:The right to control admission and establishment
2:The move towards economic liberalism
3:Investment promotion
4:The right to admission and the right of establishment
5:Treaty models of admission
6:Performance requirements
7:The inception of an investment

VII. Expropriation

1:The object of an expropriation
2:Expropriation as an act of government
3:Indirect expropriation
4:The legality of the expropriation

VIII. Standards of Protection

1:Fair and equitable treatment
2:Full protection and security
3:Arbitrary or discriminatory measures
4:National treatment
5:Most-favoured-nation treatment
6:The umbrella clause
7:Effective means
8:Transfer of funds

IX. Emergency Situations and Armed Conflicts

1:Competing policies
2:Effects of violence under traditional international law
3:The ILC Articles on state responsibility
4:Treaty law

X. Attribution

1:Sources and principles
2:Organs, provinces, and municipalities
3:Exercise of governmental authority
4:Instruction, direction, or control

XI. Political Risk Insurance

1:History and purpose
2:Different types of insurance
4:Risks covered

XII. Settling Investment Disputes

1:State-to-State disputes
2:The limited usefulness of domestic courts
3:Settlement of Investor-State disputes by arbitration and conciliation
4:Arbitration institutions and regimes
5:Investment disputes
6:The parties to investment disputes
7:Consent to investment arbitration
8:Conditions for the institution of proceedings
9:MFN clauses and dispute settlement
10:Treaty claims and contract claims
12:Applicable law
15:Review of awards
16:Enforcement of awards
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