European Private International Family Law
� The Brussels IIb Regulation
Författare:Wilderspin Michael
Titel:European Private International Family Law � The Brussels IIb Regulation
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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Serie:Oxford Private International Law Series
Ämnesord:Internationell privat- och processrätt , Familjerätt , EU-rätt

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European Private International Family Law provides a comprehensive examination of the new Brussels IIb Regulation (Regulation 2019/1111). This regulation replaces the Brussels IIa Regulation, which has been the cornerstone of European private international family law since August 2004, and is applicable from 1 August 2022.

In this volume, Michael Wilderspin provides a subject-by-subject, article by article commentary, which analyses in detail every provision of the new regulation. This analysis covers key topics including jurisdiction, the recognition and enforcement of decisions in matrimonial matters, matters of parental responsibility, and international child abduction. Michael Wilderspin also examines relevant cases from the European Courts of Justice and national courts, and the principles derived from them. Furthermore, this book explores the difficulties and complications that can arise between this regulation and other international instruments, such as the Hague Child Protection Convention 1996. The commentary also offers practical assistance on how properly to apply the new regulation and highlights where it has changed in relation to the previous one.

* Provides an extensive, detailed analysis of every provision of the new Brussels IIb Regulation

* The first commentary to be published on the Regulation

* Written by an experienced practitioner with unrivalled experience in the operation of the Brussels II regulations, having been involved in the preparation and negotiation of the Regulation IIb

* Explores how the regulation interacts with other international instruments, including the Hague Child Protection Convention 1996

Table of Contents

Part I Introduction

1:Context and Origins of Regulation No. 2019/1111

Part II Connecting Factors, Scope, and Definitions

2:The Main Connecting Factors of the Regulation

3:Scope of the Regulation and Definitions

Part III Jurisdiction - Chapter II of the Regulation

4:Jurisdiction in Matrimonial Matters

5:Jurisdiction in Matters of Parental Responsibility

6:Jurisdiction: Common Provisions

Part IV International Child Abduction - Chapter III of the Regulation

7:International Child Abduction: Chapter III of the Regulation

Part V Recognition and Enforcement - Chapter IV of the Regulation

8:Recognition, Enforceability, and Enforcement of Decisions

Part VI Cooperation Through Central Authorities in the Area of Parental Responsibility and General Provisions

9:Central Authorities

10:General and Final Provisions

Part VII Relationship with Other Instruments in the Area of Family Law

11:Relationship with Other EU Regulations

12:Relations with Other International Instruments
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