Singapore International Arbitration Act
� A Commentary
Författare:Goh Nelson , Lim Jonathan , Tan Paul
Titel:Singapore International Arbitration Act � A Commentary
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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Over the past couple of decades Singapore has successfully established itself as one of the major centres for international dispute resolution. The Singapore International Arbitration Act (SIAA), originally enacted in 1994 to give effect to the Model Law on International Commercial Arbitration, has been revised and amended four times over its lifetime, further strengthening Singapore's position as a hub for international arbitration.

Following the latest amendments in 2020, this book presents the first in-depth, section-by-section commentary of the SIAA, written by Singapore-qualified arbitration practitioners and with a strong coverage of the significant corpus of Singapore arbitration jurisprudence that has been developed by the Singapore Courts over the last decade or so. It provides up-to-date analysis of each section of the Act and relevant provisions of the UNCITRAL Model Law.

While Singapore case law and the approach taken by the Singapore Courts is the main focus, the authors also adopt a comparative and international lens on critical issues where the law remains in a state of progressive development. This commentary will be an indispensable resource for practitioners, students, and academics on the law and practice of arbitration in Singapore and other Model Law jurisdictions.

- The first in-depth, section-by-section commentary specially dedicated to the Singapore International Arbitration Act

- Expert analysis of the jurisprudence by Singapore-qualified practitioners with international practices

- Practical and easy-to-use analysis of the legal framework to guide the conduct of arbitrations and the enforcement of awards in Singapore

- Comparative analysis of relevant case law in other Model Law jurisdictions and England and Wales

Table of Contents

1:Arbitration in Singapore
2:Regulation of Procedural Aspects of Arbitration
3:Interface with Other Dispute Resolution Forums
4:Interpretation of Part II of the Act
5:Arbitration Agreements
6:The Effect, Interpretation, and Applicability of the Model Law
7:Stay of Court Proceedings in Favour of Arbitration
8:Number and Appointment of Arbitrators
9:Appeals from Jurisdictional Rulings and Order 69A
11:Powers of the Arbitral Tribunal
12:Court Powers in Aid of Arbitration
13:Disapplication of the Model Law and the IAA, the Application of Rule of Arbitration, and Conciliation
14:Awards and Interest on Awards
15:Taxation of Costs and Proceedings Otherwise Than in Open Court
16:Setting Aside an Award
17:Immunities of Arbitrators, Appointing Authorities and Arbitral Institutions
18:Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Awards

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