Arbitration in Air, Space and Telecommunications Law
� Enforcing Regulatory Measures
Titel:Arbitration in Air, Space and Telecommunications Law � Enforcing Regulatory Measures
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Serie:The Permanent Court of Arbitration/Peace Palace Papers nr. 3

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- List of Journal Abbreviations.
- Introduction; T.T. van den Hout.
- Papers Presented at the Seminar.
- Moderator's Introduction; K.-H. Böckstiegel.
- International Instruments in Air, Space and Telecommunications Law: The Need for a Mandatory Supranational Dispute Settlement Mechanism; B.F. Havel.
- The Development of an Arbitration Policy in the Context of the Revised EUROCONTROL Convention; R.D. van Dam.
- Arbitration in Aviation: The Ultimate Remedy? J. Balfour.
- Arbitration in Air Law Conflicts; J. Naveau.
- Types of Awards and Issues of Enforcement: Some Reflections on the EUROCONTROL Revised Convention; N.C. Ulmer.
- Enforcement of EUROCONTROL Awards: Are Honor (and Shame) Enough? D.B. King.
- The European Space Agency's Experience with Mechanisms for the Settlement of Disputes; A. Farand.
- Experience of the European Space Agency with Dispute Settlement Mechanisms; U.M. Bohlmann.
- The Various Approaches to Dispute Settlement Concerning International Telecommunications; A.A.E. Noll.
- Pre-Arbitration Procedures and the EUROCONTROL Arbitration Mechanism; P. Malanczuk.
- Pre-Arbitration Procedures; J.K. Schaefer.
- Expedited Procedures: A Review of the EUROCONTROL Arbitration Policy; J.J. van Haersolte-van Hof.
- Are Specific Fast-Track Arbitration Rules Necessary? M. Philippe.
- Arbitration and the Need for Technical or Scientific Expertise; G. Kaufmann-Kohler.
- Composition of Arbitral Tribunals: The Need for Experts; H. van Eck.
- General Observations; G. Guillaume.
- Closing Remarks; K.-H. Böckstiegel.
- Summary in French/Résumé.
- Annexes.
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