Economics for Competition Lawyers
Författare:Niels Gunnar , Jenkins Helen , Kavanagh James
Titel:Economics for Competition Lawyers
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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Competition law is rooted in economic theory, and economics provides many of the standard tools often applied in competition investigations. As a result, a strong foundation in economics is an invaluable asset for practitioners in this area of law.

This is the third edition of the popular and well-regarded practitioner guide to the economic principles of competition law. Written in accessible language for non-technical readers, it covers first economic principles by applying them directly to competition cases. It covers all major topics in competition law where economics is relevant: the core themes of market definition, market power and dominance, mergers, and anti-competition practice, as well as less familiar but important areas such as state aid, remedy design, damages, and use of experts in competition cases. Topics are introduced by posing compelling questions based on real cases from around the world.

This third edition has been updated to include the latest developments in the last five years, including the rise of digital platforms with strong network effects, killer acquisitions in innovative markets, competition concerns in labour markets, and 'green' agreements related to climate change.

- Written specifically for a legal audience in plain English and based on real-world examples to aid a practical understanding.

- Authored by respected expert economists with considerable experience in simplifying complex economic arguments for the courts.

- Begins with first principles, allowing readers to build a solid and thorough understanding of economic theories.

- The book's format organises the subject matter into clear modules, allowing for quick reference to specific topics.

- Offers guidance on how to get the best from an economics expert in the context of a case.

New to this Edition:

- Fully revised and updated to reflect important developments in competition law since 2016, including major cases and new economic approaches.

- Provides an updated reference work on competition economics that is 'fit for the digital age', with authoritative coverage of competition issues in technology and digital markets.

- Addresses the current debate of whether the tools of competition economics are fit for purpose in the present climate, or if competition law has been left behind by changes in the digital economy.

Table of Contents:

1:Introduction: Starting from First Principles

2:The Competition Economics Toolkit

3:Market Definition

4:Market Power

5:Abuse of Dominance

6:Cartels and Other Horizontal Agreements

7:Vertical Restraints


9:Design of Remedies

10:Quantification of Damages

11:The Use of Economic Evidence in Competition Cases
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