Crypto and Digital Assets Law and Regulation
Författare:Kerrigan Charles
Titel:Crypto and Digital Assets Law and Regulation
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Crypto and digital assets include everything from Bitcoin to bonds to Bored Apes to buildings. They are both a new asset class and a means of digitalisation of traditional financial markets. They are also the currency of the next stage of the internet. In this unique and definitive new book, Charles Kerrigan and a range of expert contributors analyse the law on crypto and digital assets in an integrated way that provides strong guidance and all the answers that practitioners working in this new (and difficult) area of the law need to know.

Crypto and Digital Assets Law and Regulation provides a thorough yet concise explanation of legal fundamentals such as cryptoasset regulation in the UK, Europe and the USA, and the legal principles relating to block chain and distributed ledger technologies. It clearly explains key concepts such as smart contracts, payments, tokenisation, central bank digital currencies, stablecoins, digital asset exchanges, wallets, lending transactions, security interests, decentralised finance, yield, NFTs, blockchain and crypto analytics, fundraising, venture capital investment, taxation, personal data and the blockchain, intellectual property, outsourcing, disputes and restructuring and insolvency.




Chapter 1. General introduction to crypto and digital assets

Chapter 2. Technical introduction to crypto and digital assets

Chapter 3. Crypto and digital assets markets

Chapter 4. Legal principles relating to blockchain and distributed ledger technologies: a taxonomy

Chapter 5. Private law considerations relating to blockchain systems

Chapter 6. Smart contracts

Chapter 7. Cryptoasset Regulation in the United Kingdom

Chapter 8. Risks relating to crypto and digital assets

Chapter 9. Payments

Chapter 10. Tokenisation

Chapter 11. Central Bank Digital Currencies

Chapter 12. Stablecoins

Chapter 13. Digital Asset Exchanges

Chapter 14. Wallets

Chapter 15. Lending transactions

Chapter 16. Security interests and Collateral

Chapter 17. Derivatives

Chapter 18. Custody, Control & Intermediated Holding Services for Crypto-Tokens

Chapter 19. DeFi, Decentralised Finance

Chapter 20. Yield

Chapter 21. NFTs

Chapter 22. Metaverse and Web3

Chapter 23. Decentralised Infrastructure and Interoperability Facilitating DeFi

Chapter 24. Blockchain and Crypto Analytics

Chapter 25. Fundraising

Chapter 26. Venture Capital investment

Chapter 27. Warranties in corporate transaction involving tokens or blockchains

Chapter 28. US Regulation of Crypto and Digital Assets

Chapter 29. European Regulation of Crypto and Digital Assets – Part 1: Frameworks and Competition Laws

Chapter 30. European Regulation of Crypto and Digital Assets – Part 2: Markets in Crypto-Asset Regulation (MiCAR)

Chapter 31. Taxation

Chapter 32. Personal Data and the Blockchain

Chapter 33. Intellectual Property

Chapter 34. Outsourcing

Chapter 35. Disputes

Chapter 36. Restructuring and Insolvency

Chapter 37. Trade bodies

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