Competition Law in the EU (Ny Upplaga)
� Principles, Substance, Enforcement
Författare:van de Gronden Johan W. , Rusu Catalin S.
Titel:Competition Law in the EU (Ny Upplaga) � Principles, Substance, Enforcement
Anmärkning:Publication Date: May 2024
Upplaga:2 uppl.
Omfång:576 sid.
Förlag:Edward Elgar
Ämnesord:EU-rätt , Marknadsrätt

Preliminärt pris: 2161 SEK exkl. moms


This thoroughly revised and updated second edition provides an enhanced understanding of EU competition law, exploring significant substantive and enforcement issues relating to antitrust, merger control, the Digital Markets Act and state aid law. While considering well-established doctrines and landmark judgements, the textbook also addresses recent developments such as digitalisation, sustainability and globalisation, and how these issues will influence future inquiry into competition law.

This incisive textbook is an invaluable resource for advanced undergraduate and postgraduate students and scholars of competition and European law. It is additionally beneficial for researchers and practitioners of comparative competition law; in particular, it is a useful guide for in-house company training courses.

Key Features:
● New discussions on the Digital Markets Act and the Foreign Subsidies Regulation
● Critical assessment of the impact of recent developments such as sustainability and globalisation on competition law
● Analysis of the interplay between domestic and European competition law through discussion of national competition rules and frameworks
● Evaluation of the role of enforcement in competition law

‘This well-written and up-to-date book covers all important elements of EU and European Competition Law. The authors are thorough, comprehensive, and balanced in their treatment of both public and private enforcement in every substantive area, including the distinctive features of individual European countries. Every serious antitrust student should own a copy.’
– Herbert Hovenkamp, University of Pennsylvania, US

‘This book explores significant issues of EU competition law. Its added value is the national dimension: various national competition law systems are analyzed in the light of the European competition rules. It is also very timely given the attention paid to new developments such as the DMA and the Foreign Subsidies Regulation.’
– Marc van der Woude, General Court of the European Union

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