The Conflict of Laws
Författare:Briggs Adrian
Titel:The Conflict of Laws
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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Ämnesord:Internationell privat- och processrätt , Utländsk rätt

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The Conflict of Laws provides an introduction and analysis of the rules of private international law as they apply in England, describing the topic's three distinct branches comprising the conflict of jurisdictions, the conflict of judgments, and the conflict of laws. The volume covers a broad range of topics, from examining different jurisdictions, the law applicable to contractual and non-contractual obligations, to the impact of foreign judgements and more.

Following a significant period of uncertainty as depicted in the previous edition, this new fifth edition represents the subject as it has settled in the aftermath of the post-Brexit upheaval. It seeks to illustrate how the retained (or assimilated) EU law has been integrated into the overall structure of private international law as it evolved in common law, and to assess the extent to which the nature of the subject has been altered or otherwise affected by the Brexit changes.

The areas in which reform or other development may be needed are identified. However, the theme throughout is that the theoretical underpinnings of the subject are strong, if not always appreciated, are rational and robust. It is designed to explain why the detailed rules which make up a subject - which may appear at first sight to be complex - are sensible and coherent.

- Presents an approachable introduction to private international law in England and its three distinct branches

- Offers views on the potential development of the law from the perspective of a pre-eminent scholar

- An authoritative text proven by its citation in the courts

- The Clarendon Law Series offers concise, accessible overviews of major fields of law and legal thought, stimulating - students to think more broadly and deeply about the law. This book reflects those aims and ambitions

New to this Edition:

- Updated to examine the impact of post-Brexit legislation and retained EU law

Table of Contents



3.:Foreign Judgements

4.:The lex fori

5.:Contractual Obligations

6.:Non-Contractual Obligations



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