The Charter of the United Nations (Ny Upplaga)
� A Commentary
Författare:Simma Bruno , m. fl.
Titel:The Charter of the United Nations (Ny Upplaga) � A Commentary
Anmärkning:Published: 14 May 2024 (Estimated)
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Förlag:Oxford University Press
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Since the third edition of this commentary on the Charter of the United Nations was published in 2012, the text of the Charter has not changed DL but the world has. Central pillars of the international order enshrined in the UN Charter are facing serious challenges, notably the prohibition of the use of force. Human rights, too, have come under increasing pressure, now also from contemporary information technology. Global warming poses fundamental challenges for the world community as a whole in its effort to stabilize global ecosystems.

Fully updated, the commentary takes up these and other developments. It features new chapters on Climate Change and the Human Rights Council. The commentary remains the authoritative, article-by-article account of the legislative history, interpretation, and practical application of each and every Charter provision. Written by a team of distinguished scholars and practitioners, this book combines academic research with the insights of practice. It is an indispensable tool of reference for all those interested in the United Nations and its legal significance for the world community. The Commentary will be crucial in combining solid legal foundations with new directions for the development of international law and the United Nations in the twenty-first century.

- Article-by-article commentary of the most important treaty in international relations

- Covers all the relevant UN Practice up to 2023

- Written by a team of distinguished scholars and practitioners

- Combines academic research with the insights of practice and serves as indispensable reference book for both academics and practitioners

New to this Edition:

- A fully revised edition to incorporate relevant case law and practice since publication of the third edition in 2012

- Features a new chapter on Climate Change analyzes global efforts to tackle one of the biggest problems of our time

- Includes a new chapter on and the Human Rights Council takes account of the increasing importance of this body, created in 2006, for the worldwide observance of human rights

Reviews and Awards

"Review from previous edition The project Simma has put together is excellent and will be very useful ... Simma has gathered virtually all of the leading experts and ... this will be a definitive work." - Tom Franck, Professor of International Law, New York University

"The book may be recommended as an important source of information on the interpretation and application of the UN Charter over years. Simma and his colleagues should be praised for their coherent presentation of the Commentary." - Netherlands International Law Review

"This massive volume will be familiar to some readers in its earlier German version, first published in 1991. It now appears in an excellent English translation which does full justice to the quality of the scholarship of some 60 German-speaking international lawyers...a book whose encyclopaedic quality will make it a standard reference work on what remains for international lawyers probably the most important treaty of the twentieth century...a series of essays that are informative and authoritative and often range well beyond the confines of the Charter itself...the whole work has clearly benefited from very high editorial standards. It deserves a wide readership and will prove an essential text for any international law library." - International and Comparative Law Quarterly

"...remarkably accessible. The reader is guided through the legislative history, general meaning and specific problems. This combination of detail and clarity combine to produce an invaluable work of reference for practitioners and a fascinating study for any academic." - Law Quarterly Review

Table of Contents

1:Drafting History, Daniel-Erasmus Khan
2:Reform, Thilo Rensmann
3:Interpretation of the Charter, Stefan Kadelbach
4:Preamble, Daniel-Erasmus Khan
5:Art. 1, Thomas Kleinlein
6:Article 2, Andreas Paulus
7:Art. 2 (1), Bardo Fassbender
8:Art. 2 (2), Robert Kolb
9:Art. 2 (3), Christian Tomuschat
10:Art. 2 (4), Christian Tams
11:Art. 2 (5), Helmut Philipp Aust
12:Art. 2 (6), Stefan Talmon
13:Art 2. (7), Georg Nolte
14:Self-Determination, Stefan Oeter
15:Art. 3, Ulrich Fastenrath and Donald Riznik
16:Art. 4, Ulrich Fastenrath and Donald Riznik
17:Art. 5, Christian Tams
18:Art. 6, Christian Tams
19:Art. 7, Matthias Lippold
20:Art. 8, Monika Polzin
21:Art. 9, Siegried Magiera
22:Art. 10, Stefanie Schmahl
23:Art. 11, Stefanie Schmahl
24:Art. 12, Stefanie Schmahl
25:Art. 13, Johannes Tropper and August Reinisch
26:Art. 14, Thielb"orger
27:Art. 15, Philip Bittner and Helmut Tichy
28:Art. 16, Matthias Goldmann
29:Art. 17, Hans-Christian Mangelsdorf
30:Art. 18, Silja Voneky
31:Art. 19, Mehrdad Payandeh
32:Art. 20, Christophe Eick
33:Art. 21, Tomoko Iwata and Keiichiro Okimoto
34:Art. 22, Daniel-Erasmus Khan and Lando Kirchmair
35:Art. 23, Andreas von Arnauld
36:Art. 24, Anne Peters
37:Art. 25, Anne Peters
38:Art. 26, Nikolaus Koch and Hans-Joachim Schuetz
39:Art. 27, Andreas Zimmermann
40:Art. 28, Konrad Buehler
41:Art. 29, Matthias Lippold and Andreas Paulus
42:Art. 30, Alejandro Rodiles
43:Art. 31, Charlotte Kreuter-Kirchhof
44:Art. 32, Charlotte Kreuter-Kirchhof
45:Art. 33, Christian Tomuschat
46:Art. 34, Kirsten Schmalenbach
47:Art. 35, Kirsten Schmalenbach
48:Art. 36, Thomas Giegerich
49:Art. 37, Thomas Giegerich
50:Art. 38, Thomas Giegerich
51:Peacekeeping, Michael Bothe
52:Responsibility to Protect, Mindiia Vashakmadze
53:Introduction to Chapter VII, Erika de Wet
54:Art. 39, Erika de Wet
55:Art. 40, Erika de Wet
56:Art. 41, Erika de Wet
57:Art. 42, Erika de Wet
58:Art. 43, Erika de Wet
59:Art 44, August Reinish and Gregor Novak
60:Art. 45, August Reinish and Gregor Novak
61:Art. 46, August Reinish and Gregor Novak
62:Art. 47, August Reinish and Gregor Novak
63:Art. 48, August Reinish and Gregor Novak
64:Art. 49, August Reinish and Gregor Novak
65:Art. 50, August Reinish and Gregor Novak
66:Art. 51, Helmut Philipp Aust
67:Introduction to Chapter VIII, Christian Walter
68:Art. 52, Christian Walter
69:Art. 53 (without Enemy State Clause), Christian Walter
70:Art. 53 (Enemy State Clause), Irene Couzigou
71:Art. 54, Christian Walter
72:Art. 55 (a) and (b), Tobias Stoll
73:Art. 55 (c) (without HR Council), Eva Frenz and Dirk Hanschel
74:Human Rights Council, Angelika Nussberger and Julia Miklasova
75:Climate Change, Lavanya Rajamani
76:Art. 56, Tobias Stoll
77:Art. 57, Michael Waibel
78:Art. 58, Michael Waibel and Nicola Nesi
79:Art. 59, Michael Waibel and Nicola Nesi
80:Art. 60, Michael Waibel and Nicola Nesi
81:Art. 61, Volker Roben
82:Art. 62, Volker Roben
83:Art. 63, Markus Krajewski and Shuvra Dey
84:Art. 64, Romy Klimke and Christian Tietje
85:Art. 65, Romy Klimke and Christian Tietje
86:Art. 66, Romy Klimke and Christian Tietje
87:Art. 67, Volker Roben
88:Art. 68, Christina Binder and Jane Hofbauer
89:Art. 69, Eleni Chaitidou and Oliver Landwehr
90:Art. 70, Eleni Chaitidou and Oliver Landwehr
91:Art. 71, Stephan Hobe
92:Art. 72, Tomoko Iwata and Keiichiro Okimoto
93:Art. 73, Ulrich Fastenrath
94:Art. 74, Ulrich Fastenrath
95:Art. 75, Matthias Goldmann
96:Art. 76, Matthias Goldmann
97:Art. 77, Matthias Goldmann
98:Art. 78, Matthias Goldmann
99:Art. 79, Matthias Goldmann
100:Art. 80, Matthias Goldmann
101:Art. 81, Matthias Goldmann
102:Art. 82, Matthias Goldmann
103:Art. 83, Matthias Goldmann
104:Art. 84, Matthias Goldmann
105:Art. 85, Matthias Goldmann
106:Art. 86, Matthias Goldmann
107:Art. 87, Matthias Goldmann
108:Art. 88, Matthias Goldmann
109:Art. 89, Matthias Goldmann
110:Art. 90, Matthias Goldmann
111:Art. 91, Matthias Goldmann
112:Art. 92, Pierre D'Argent
113:Art. 93, Pierre D'Argent
114:Art. 94, Pierre D'Argent
115:Art. 95, Dirk Pulkowski
116:Art. 96, Evelyne Lagrange
117:Art. 97, Simon Chesterman
118:Art. 98, Simon Chesterman
119:Art. 99, Simon Chesterman
120:Art. 100, Christian Ebner and Alexander Marschik
121:Art. 101, Christian Rhode
122:Art. 102, Ernst Martens
123:Art. 103, Johann Ruben Leiss and Andreas Paulus
124:Art. 104, Andreas R. Ziegler
125:Art. 105, Andreas R. Ziegler
126:Art. 106, Irene Couzigou
127:Art. 107, Irene Couzigou
128:Art. 108, Silja Voneky
129:Art. 109, Silja Voneky
130:Art. 110, Christoph Vedder
131:Art. 111, Markus Kotzur
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