MacGillivray on Insurance Law
Författare:Birds John , Lynch Ben , Paul Simon
Titel:MacGillivray on Insurance Law
Anmärkning:15th Edition, Mainwork & 1st Supplement
Upplaga:15 uppl.
Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell
Serie:Insurance Practitioners Library
Serie:Sweet & Maxwell
Ämnesord:Försäkringsrätt , Internationell rätt , Utländsk rätt

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MacGillivray on Insurance Law is the established authority on non-maritime commercial insurance and risk. For over one hundred years it has been a trusted text for providing comprehensive and clear guidance through its examination of the most recent cases and legislative developments.

It covers the general principles of UK insurance law such as misrepresentation and good faith and gives a detailed examination of loss, explaining key themes like causation and the necessity for notice. It also looks at particular classes of business with commentary on third party risks and liability policies, the rights of third parties against the insurer, the rights of two or more insurers, and the law governing double insurance.

This first supplement keeps you up to date with the very latest insurance case law and legislative developments since publication of the fifteenth edition.

- Comprehensive guidance on non-maritime commercial insurance and risk through the analysis of cases and legislation.

- Detailed explanations of insurance law and its practical application are provided in three distinct sections:

- The general principles and rules concerning commercial insurance, risk, and loss.

- Different classes of business including life insurance, personal accident policies, property, motor vehicle, and aviation.

- The parties involved with chapters on insurance companies, Lloyd’s policies, and the role of agents.

- Examines the rules on the formation, drafting, and termination of insurance contracts.

- Explains the key principles of good faith, warranties, and the duty of disclosure.

- Advises on the Insurance Act 2015 as it comes into effect, the changes to the law, and the consequences on disputes concerning the new law.

- Defines insurance and insurable interest.

- Looks at issues of fraud, misrepresentation, and non-disclosure by third parties.

- Outlines how insurance policies are constructed while explaining the meaning of words and addressing inconsistencies in phrasing.

- Covers the rules of payment, renewal, and non-payment of premiums.

- Analyses the rights of two or more insurers and third party rights.

- Comparison of English law with Scotland, the USA and the Commonwealth.


Section 1: General Principles
1 Nature of Insurance and Insurable Interest
2 Formation of the Contract
3 Form of the Contract
4 The Period Prior to Issue of the Policy
5 Execution and Delivery of Policy
6 Commencement and Termination of Risk
7 Payment of Premium
8 Return of Premium
9 Salvage Premiums
10 Warranties and Other Policy Terms
11 Construction of Policies
12 Rectification
13 Conflict of Laws
14 Illegality
15 Mistake
16 Misrepresentation
17 Good Faith and the Duty of Disclosure
18 Fraud, Misrepresentation and Non-disclosure by Third Parties
19 Consumer Insurance (Disclosure & Representations) Act 2012
20 The Insurance Act 2015
21 The Loss
22 The Claimant
23 Reinstatement
24 Subrogation

Section 2: Particular Classes of Business
25 Rights of Two or More Insurers
26 Life Insurance
27 Personal Accident Policies
28 Property Insurance: Fire policies
29 Property Insurance: Other Insurances on Property
30 Third Party Risks
31 Motor Vehicle Insurance
32 Aviation Insurance
33 Insurance Against Pecuniary Loss
34 Contractors’ Risk Policies
35 Reinsurance

Section 3: Parties
36 Insurance Companies
37 The Course of Business at Lloyd’s
38 The Role of Agents in Insurance Business
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