Copinger & Skone James on Copyright
Författare:Caddick Nicholas , Harbottle Gwilym , Suthersanen Uma
Titel:Copinger & Skone James on Copyright
Anmärkning:18th Edition, Mainwork & 2nd Supplement Format: Hardback 2 Volumes
Omfång:1939 sid.
Förlag:Sweet & Maxwell
Serie:Intellectual Property Library
Serie:Sweet & Maxwell
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A leading text in its field, Copinger & Skone James on Copyright offers thorough and comprehensive coverage of the main aspects of copyright and connected rights. This First Supplement to the 18th edition has been extensively rewritten to take account of the latest legislative and case law developments. The title takes a subject by subject approach to take you through Copyright, Rights in Performances, Rights in Designs, Moral Rights and a variety of Miscellaneous Rights.

New to the First Supplement to the 18th edition:

The consequences of Brexit, including:

- The various amendments to the CDPA 1988 taking effect on 31 December 2020, including in relation to qualification for protection and copyright exceptions.

- Tunein Inc v Warner Music UK Ltd [2021] EWCA Civ 441: treatment of EU case law following 31 December 2020.

Important new cases:

- HRH The Duchess of Sussex v Associated Newspapers Ltd [2021] EWHC 273(Ch) on originality and the discretion not to enforce copyright, and on fair dealing.

- Martin v Kogan [2021] EWHC 24(Ch) on originality of dramatic works.

Case C-147/19 Atresmedia Corporación de Medios de Comunicacón S.A. v Asociacón de Gestión de
Derechos Intelectuales (AGEDI) on sound recording protection.

- Case C-13/20 Top System SA v Belgian State on the decompilation of computer programs.

- Tunein Inc v Warner Music UK Ltd [2021] EWCA Civ 441 on infringement by authorisation.

- Case C-147/19 Atresmedia Atresmedia Corporación de Medios de Comunicación S.A. v Asociación de Gestión de Derechos Intelectuales (AGEDI), Artistas Intérpretes o Ejecutantes, Sociedad de Gestión de España (AIE) and Case C-265/19 Recorded Artists Actors Performers Recorded Artists Actors Performers Ltd v Phonographic Performance (Ireland) Ltd and Others, both on the scope of the Rental Directive.

- Case C-762/19 Online Latvia - SIA “CV-Online Latvia” v SIA “Melons” on the scope of the Database Directive.

- Case C-833/28 Brompton Bicycle Ltd - SI and Brompton Bicycle Ltd v Chedech/Get2Get [2020] E.C.D.R. 18; Case C-597/19 M.I.C.M. Mircom - MICM Mircom International Content Management & Consulting Ltd Defendant v Telenet BVBA; Case C-637/19602 BY/CX; Case C-392/19 VG Bild-Kunst - VG Bild-Kunst v Stiftung Preußischer Kulturbesitz [2021] E.C.D.R. 9; Case C-682/18 and C-683/18[1] Peterson/Elsevier v Google/YouTube - Joined Cases Frank Peterson v Google LLC, YouTube LLC, YouTube Inc., Google Germany GmbH and Elsevier Inc v Cyando AG [2021] ECDR 13, all on the scope of the Information Society Directive. Case C-372/19 SABAM Belgische Vereniging van Auteurs, Componisten en Uitgevers CVBA (SABAM) v Weareone.World BVBA, Wecandance NV, on the scope of the Collective Management Directive.

Case C-18/18 Glawischnig-Piesczek v Facebook Ireland Limited - Eva Glawischnig-Piesczek v Facebook Ireland Limited, on the E-Commerce Directive. An update on the new EU directives: Online Broadcasts (NetCab) Directive 2019 and the Copyright in the Digital Single Market 2019, and the pending decision on the legality of its provisions: Case C-401/19 Republic of Poland v European Parliament. Chapter 7 includes a comprehensive review of the discussion relating to communication to the public to reflect the important decision of the Court of Appeal in Warner Music v TuneIn.

The 18th edition, published in December 2020, is now supplied as a set inclusive of the 2nd Cumulative Supplement published in December 2022. The supplement updates the main-work with the latest changes and new case law
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