Competition Law of the European Union and the Netherlands
� an Overview
Författare:Ottervanger Tom , van der Voorde Sander J.
Titel:Competition Law of the European Union and the Netherlands � an Overview
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Ur innehållet: Foreword. Preface. About the Authors. Selected Websites. Part I: Competition Law of the European Union. 1. General. 2. Enforcement. 3. Other Actions by the Commission. 4. Private Causes of Action. 5. Article 81. 6. Horizontal Relations. 7. Vertical Relations. 8. Intellectual and Industrial Property (IP) Rights. 9. Article 82: Abuse of a dominant position. 10. Merger Control. 11. Joint Ventures. 12. Government practices. Part II: Competition Law of the Netherlands. 13. General. 14. Enforcement. 15. Other Actions by the NMa. 16. Private Causes of Action. 17. Article 6 (the equivalent of Article 81 EC Treaty). 18. Horizontal and Vertical Relations. 19. Article 24 (the equivalent of Article 82 EC Treaty). 20. Mergers and joint ventures. Annexes. 1. Overview EC Merger Control. 2. EC Merger Notification Form. 3. Overview Dutch Merger Control. 4. Merger Notification Form, the Netherlands.
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