International Criminal Law in Historical Perspective
� Comments and Materials
Författare:Bring Ove
Titel:International Criminal Law in Historical Perspective � Comments and Materials
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Serie:Skrifter utgivna av Juridiska fakulteten i Stockholm nr. 66
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Public international law has seen a number of interesting developments at the turn of the millennium, most of the in the wake of the end of the cold war. Most conspicuous are the events in the field of international criminal law, where Resolutions of the United Nation Security Council establishing Tribunals for dealing with crimes in former Yugoslavia and Rwanda have paved the way for a permanent International Criminal Court (ICC).

The intention is to let this publication, through a commentary and annexed treaty provisions and statutes, reflect and concretize the relevant legal developments from Versailles (1919) to Rome (1998) and beyond. The ICC Statute entered into force in July 2002.

The book is edited by Ove Bring, Professor of International Law at the University of Stockholm and the National Defence College of Sweden.
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