The Law of Ship Mortgages
Författare:Bowtle Graeme , McGuinness Kevin Patrick
Titel:The Law of Ship Mortgages
Omfång:445 sid.
Förlag:Lloyds of London Press
Serie:Lloyd's Shipping Law Library
Ämnesord:Sjö- och transporträtt , Krediträtt

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The Law of Ship Mortgages provides comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of the English law of ship mortgages. All aspects of ship mortgages are covered, providing the reader with as much detail as is available in textbooks on land mortgages.

This important new book provides in-depth coverage of ownership, registration and the different types of mortgage and security interest available. The rights and obligations of both the owner and mortgagee are fully considered. Other issues addressed include insurance, problems arising as a result of default by the owner, enforcement remedies available to the mortgagee, insolvency and conflict of law issues.


Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Ownership & Registration
Chapter 3: Formation of Mortgage
Chapter 4: Rights and Obligations of the Owner
Chapter 5: Insurance
Chapter 6: Liens
Chapter 7: Default & Enforcement
Chapter 8: Liabilities of a Mortgagee Chapter 9: Insolvency
Chapter 10: Private International Law Considerations

1: Merchant Shipping Act 1995: Sections 10-16 inclusive and Schedule 1 of the Act Registration Regulations
2: Mortgage Forms including ROS 25, ROS 30 and ROS 35 and Transcript of Register
3. Deed of Covenant
4: Institute Mortgagees' Interest Clauses Hulls 1.3.97 Mortgagees' Additional Perils LSW489
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