English Civil Procedure
� Fundamentals of the New Civil Justice System
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Titel:English Civil Procedure � Fundamentals of the New Civil Justice System
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Foreword by Lord Woolf

Part I: Fundamentals
1 Sources and Scope of Civil Procedure
2 Main Pillars of the Woolf Reforms
3 Principles in General
4 Guarantees Concerning the Court's Composition
5 Guarantees Concerning the Court's Conduct
6 Leading Procedural Principles
7 Article 6(1) and Human Rights
8 The Wider Framework of Civil Justice
9 Access to Justice

Part II: Commencement
10 Commencement, Service, and Pleadings
11 Parties, Set-off, Part 20 Claims (including Counterclaims) and Contribution
12 Limitation of Actions

Part III: Judicial Control of the Process
13 Case-Management and Judicial Discretion
14 Sanctions against Procedural Non-Compliance
15 Avoidance of Excessive Delay
16 Abuse of Process

Part IV: Protective and Interim Relief and Judicial Disposal Without Trial
17 Freezing Injunctions and Search Orders
18 Interim Payments and Injunctions

Part V: Accelerated or Abbreviated Justice
19 Default Judgments
20 Summary Judgment
21 Striking Out Claims or Defences
22 The Small Claims Jurisdiction

Part VI: Settlement
23 The Settlement Process
24 Part 36 Payments and Offers to Settle
25 Settlement Negotiations and Privilege: 'Without Prejudice' Communications and Conciliation Privilege

Part VII: Access to Information: Disclosure and Evidence
26 Disclosure
27 Legal Professional Privilege
28 Inadvertent Disclosure of Privileged Material
29 Privilege Against Self-incrimination
30 Public Interest Immunity
31 Evidence in General
32 Expert Evidence
33 Foreign Aspects of Evidence

Part VIII: Trial and Costs
34 Trial
35 Conditional Fees and Funding
36 Costs: General Features
37 Special Costs Orders: Security for Costs, Non-party Costs Orders, and Wasted Costs

Part IX: Post-Judgment: Appeals, Enforcement and Finality
38 Appeals
39 Enforcement
40 Finality in Civil Proceedings: Claim and Issue Preclusion (Res Judicata) and Related Doctrines

Part X: Specific Procedures
41 Multi-Party Proceedings
42 Applications for Judicial Review: Procedural Aspects
43 Transnational Civil Procedure
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