The Oxford Handbook of Legal Studies
Författare:Cane Peter , Tushnet Mark
Titel:The Oxford Handbook of Legal Studies
Omfång:1000 sid.
Förlag:Oxford University Press
Typ av verk:Samlingsverk
Ämnesord:Allmänna verk och samlingsverk , Utländsk rätt

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Property and Obligations
1 James Gordley: Contract
2 John Goldberg and Benjamin Zipursky: Tort
3 Lionel Smith: Restitution
4 Michael Heller: Property
5 Sarah Worthington: Trusts and Fiduciary Relationships

Citizens and Government
6 Michael Taggart: The Nature and Functions of the State
7 John Braithwaite and Christine Parker: Regulation
8 Peter Cane: Review of Executive Action
9 Mark Tushnet: Judicial Review of Legislation
10 Linda Bosniak: Citizenship
11 Sandra Fredman: Discrimination
12 Jeremy Horder: Crime
13 David Nelken: Criminology
14 Benedict Kingsbury: The International Legal Order
15 Keith Ewing: Human Rights
16 Jo Shaw: The European Union
17 Malcolm Feeley: Complex Polities

Wealth Redistribution and Welfare
18 Beverly Moran: Taxation
19 Nick Wikeley: The Welfare State
20 John Dewar: Families
21 Lawrence Gostin and Phil Fennel: Medicine and Health
22 Upendra Baxi: Global Development and Impoverishment

Business and Commerce
23 Brian Cheffins: Corporations
24 David Gerber: Competition
25 Gerald Thain: Consumers
26 Mark Barenberg: Workers
27 Deborah Cass: International Business and Commerce

28 Wendy Gordon: Intellectual Property
29 Edwin Baker: The Media
30 Jane Cohen: Life, Death and Reproduction
31 Lisa Heinzerling: The Environment

32 Robert Baldwin: Legislation and Rule-Making
33 Judith Resnik: Civil Process
34 Kent Roach: Criminal Process
35 Richard Abel: Lawyers and Legal Services
36 Jordan Paust: International Process

Research and Researchers
37 Patrick Glenn: The Internationalisation of Law and Legal Culture
38 David Ibbetson: Historical Research in Law
39 John Baldwin and Gwynn Davis: Empirical Research in Law
40 John Bell: Legal Education
41 William Twining, Fernando Teson, Ward Farnswort: The Role of Academics in the Legal System
42 Neil Duxbury: A Century of Legal Studies
43 Brian Bix: Law as an Autonomous Discipline
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