Free Movement of Persons within the European Community
Författare:Weiss Friedl , Wooldridge Frank
Titel:Free Movement of Persons within the European Community
Omfång:249 sid.
Serie:European Monographs nr. 30

Pris: 930 SEK exkl. moms


Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Basic Legal Provisions Governing the Free Movement of Persons
3. Free Movement of Workers and Related Matters
4. Freedom of Establishment
5. Freedom to Provide and Receive Services
6. Remaining Categories of Persons Enjoying the Right of Residence
7. Derogations on Grounds of Public Policy, Security and Health: Impact of Council Directive 64/221
8. European Citizenship
9. The Rights of Third Country Nationals in the EC Treaty Concerning the Temporary Protection of Displaced Persons
10. International Agreements and Free Movement
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