Intellectual Property Law in China
Författare:Ganea Peter , Pattloch Thomas
Titel:Intellectual Property Law in China
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Table of Contents:

Contents Preface.
On the Authors and Editors.

A. Patents, Utility Models and Designs (Peter Ganea).
I. The History of Patent Protection in China.
II. Prerequisites of Protection.
III. Inventorship and Property Rights.
IV. Application Procedure.
V. Special Aspects.
VI. Excursus: Protection of Integrated Circuit Layout Designs.

B. Trade Marks and Related Rights (Thomas Pattloch).
I. Trade Marks.
II. Protection of Well-known/Famous Trade Marks.
III. Enterprise and Trade Names.
IV. Geographical Indications/Appellations of Origin.
V. Domain Names.
VI. Protection against Unfair Competition Law.

C. Copyright (Peter Ganea).
I. Historical Overview.
II. Protected Works and Copyright Ownership.
III. Copyright Transactions.
IV. Copyright Transactions.
V. Neighbouring Rights.
VI. Special Aspects of Copyright Enforcement.

D. Technology Transfer (Thomas Pattloch).
I. Former Legislation.
II. The Old Licensing System.
III. Problems and Disadvantages of the Old System.
IV. The New Regime.
V. Obligations of the Transferor/Licensor.
VI. Classification of Technology and Competent Administrative Department.
VII. Restrictive Clauses in Technology Transfer Contracts.
VIII. State Secrets.
IX. Confidentiality Clauses.
X. Liability.
XI. Overview of the Most Important Changes.
XII. Remaining Problems.

E. Enforcement (Thomas Pattloch).
I. Introduction: Dual Enforcement and TRIPS Requirements.
II. Civil Law Enforcement.
III. Administrative Law Enforcement.
IV. Criminal Law Enforcement.
V. Border Enforcement.
VI. Practice of Enforcement.

F. Antitrust Law. (Peter Ganea).
I. Basic Considerations.
II. Frequently Occurring Monopolistic Practices and Legal Remedies.
III. Concluding Remarks.

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