Resource Book on TRIPS and Development
Titel:Resource Book on TRIPS and Development � UNCTAD-ICTSD
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Part I. Nature of Obligations, Principles, and Objectives:
1. Preamble;
2. Nature and scope of obligations;
3. Categories of intellectual property embraced by TRIPS;
4. Basic principles;
5. Exhaustion;
6. Objectives and principles;

Part II. Substantive Obligations:
7. Copyright works;
8. Copyright: computer programs;
9. Copyright: databases;
10. Copyright: the rental right;
11. Copyright: term of protection;
12. Copyright: limitations and exceptions;
13. Copyright: related rights;
14. Trademarks;
15. Geographical indications;
16. Industrial designs;
17. Patents: subject matter and patentability requirements;
18. Patents: non-discrimination;
19. Patents: ordre public and morality;
20. Patents: therapeutic, surgical and diagnostic methods;
21. Patents: biotechnological inventions: genetic resources, plant variety protection, traditional knowledge;
22. Patents: rights conferred;
23. Patents: exceptions to rights conferred;
24. Patents: disclosure obligations;
25. Patents: non-voluntary uses (compulsory licenses);
26. Patents: process patents: burden of proof;
27. Integrated circuits;
28. Undisclosed information;

Part III. Intellectual Property Rights and Competition:
29. Competition;

Part IV. Enforcement, Maintenance, and Acquisition of Rights:
30. Enforcement;

Part V. Interpretation and Dispute Settlement and Prevention:
31. Transparency;
32. Dispute settlement;

Part VI. Transitional and Institutional Arrangements:
33. Transitional periods;
34. International and technological cooperation and transfer of technology;
35. Council for TRIPS;
36. Transitional provisions;
37. Review and amendment;
38. Reservations;
39. Security exceptions.
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