Arbitration of International Business Disputes
� Studies in Law and Practice
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Titel:Arbitration of International Business Disputes � Studies in Law and Practice
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Gabrielle Kauffman-Kohler, Attorney-at-Law, Partner, Schellenberg Wittmer, Professor at the University of Geneva: Foreword
I. Procedural Evolution in Business Arbitration
II. Legal Framework: Courts, Statutes and Treaties
A. Arbitral Authority
1 Who Decides What?
2 Kompetenz-Kompetenz: The Arbitrability Dicta in First Options
3 The Contours of Arbitral Jurisdiction
4 Private Adjudicators and the Public Interest
B. Judicial Supervision as Risk Management
1 Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes?
2 Why Courts Review Arbitral Awards
3 The Arbitral Situs and Lex Loci Arbitri
4 Saving the FAA
C. The Effect of Annulment
1 What is to be Done with Vacated Awards?
2 Duty and Discretion in International Arbitration
D. The Architecture of Arbitration
1 The Interaction of Courts and Arbitrators in England
2 Amending the Federal Arbitration Act
3 Laurence Craig, Jan Paulsson and William W. Park (co-authors): National Constraints on ICC Arbitration
4 The New York Convention and the International Currency of Awards
E. Investment Arbitration
1 The Challenge of Sovereignty
2 Guillermo Aguilar Alvarez and William W. Park (co-authors): The New Face of Investment Arbitration
3 Legal Issues in the Third World's Economic Development
F. The Contractual Context
1 A Cautionary Tale about Hometown Justice
2 The Arbitration Clause: Drafting Considerations
G. Comparing Arbitration and Court Selection
1 The Hague Choice of Court Convention
2 Bridging the Gap in Forum Selection
3 When and Why Arbitration Matters
III. Arbitral Proceedings: Establishing the Facts and Applying the Law
A. Tensions Between Fairness and Efficiency
1 Arbitration's Discontents: Of Elephants and Pornography
2 Arbitration's Protean Nature: The Value of Rules and the Risks of Discretion
B. Substantive Norms
1 National Law and Commercial Justice
2 Neutrality, Predictability and Economic Cooperation
3 Laurence Craig, Jan Paulsson and William W. Park (co-authors): Lex Mercatoria
IV. Specialized Applications of Arbitration
A. Financial Transactions
1 Arbitration in Banking and Finance
2 Jurisdictional Issues in Financial Arbitration
B. Intellectual Property
1 Betting the Family Jewels
2 Irony in Intellectual Property Arbitration
C. Taxation
1 David Tillinghast and William W. Park (co-authors): Tax Treaty Arbitration: What is Needed and Why
2 Arbitration and the Fisc: NAFTA's Tax Veto
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