Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 53
� Law and Society
Titel:Scandinavian Studies in Law Volume 53 � Law and Society
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Serie:Scandinavian Studies in Law nr. 53
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This 53rd volume of Scandinavian Studies in Law (Sc.St.L.) is dedicated to the subject and perspectives of Sociology of law. The volume comprises 22 articles and is divided into five sections: theoretical aspects of law, inherent tensions within sociology of law as a science, legal cultures and legal reasoning, the legal profession, and finally, empirical studies primarily dealing with the consequences of law.

Sociology of law is a branch of legal science which provides an external perspective on law and the legal system. The approach has both scientific and practical consequences for the study of law. The external perspective leads the scholar to raise other than dogmatic questions about the proper application of law in different situations.

Noticeable is also that there is a distinction between sociology of law and socio-legal studies or legal sociology. In the socio-legal perspective the sociological part seeks merely to contribute to an understanding of law on its own terms. Legal sociology has thus been labelled an auxiliary science to legal science. Sociology of law, on the other hand, claims to be an academic subject in its own right.

The editorial board of Sc.St.L. is affiliated with the Stockholm University Law Faculty. The overall objective of the series is to present Scandinavian law and legal theory to a wide readership in the English language.

Table of Contents

Theoretical Aspects of Law

The Concept of Norms in Sociology of Law
Håkan Hydén & Måns Svensson 15

On Law, Power and Society: A View of a Moral Dialectic
Thora Margareta Bertilsson 33

The Interaction of Society, Politics and Law: The Legal and Communicative Theories of Habermas, Luhmann and Teubner
Inger-Johanne Sand 45

When are Theories about the Phases of Legal Evolution Advanced and Why?
Jørgen Dalberg-Larsen 77

Law in a Global Knowledge Economy – Following the Path of Scandinavian Sociolegal Theory
Ulf Petrusson & Mats Glavå 93

Inherent Tensions within Sociology of Law as a Science

Sociology of Law as a Multidisciplinary Field of Research
Kaijus Ervasti 137

The Politics of Legal Cultures
Reza Banakar 151

Two Challenges to Normative Legal Scholarship
Kaarlo Tuori 177

Legal Cultures and Legal Reasoning

Privileges, Rights and Advantages: Inuit, Danish, and European Subjects in the Making
Hanne Petersen 205

Living Ruins of the Law: On Legal Change and Legal History in Late Modernity
Kjell Å Modéer 219

Sense and Sensibility – Classic Rhetoric as a Model for Modern Legal Thinking
Hans Petter Graver 231

Law, Power and Language: Beware of Metaphors
Jonas Ebbesson 259

Tacit Knowledge – a Neglected Source of Private Law Niklas Bruun 271

The Legal Profession

The Development of the Danish Legal Profession
Ole Hammerslev 283

Return to the Copenhagen “Magic Circle”: First Elements of a Longitudinal Study of Large Law Firms in Denmark
Mikael Rask Madsen 303

Defender, Spokesperson, Therapist: Representing the True Interest of the Client in Therapeutic Law
Anna Hollander, Maritha Jacobsson & Stefan Sjöström 321

From Empathy to Autism – how Ignorance became the Norm
Dennis Töllborg 339

Empirical Studies on the Consequences of Law

Breaking and Making Norms
Ellen Almers and Per Wickenberg 351

Law and Participation
Matthias Baier 371

Law and Cyber Society: Socio-legal Perspectives on the Internet
Patrik Olsson 391

Court Decisions in Public Procurement: Delineating the Grey Zone
Lina Carlsson & Karsten Åström 407

The Free Movement of Services, Industrial Action and the Swedish Industrial Relations Model – the Legal Structure and Actors’ Acting in the Laval Case
Örjan Edström 421

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